Artists’ Books in Howard Gardens – a book a day in October !

Day 2 . . . . . .

‘Othello – A Bestiary (with Floral Additions)‘ is a wordless reworking of William Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ as an illustrated collection of common, rare and fabulous animals.  In removing the text, Borbonesa presents a deconstructed version of ‘Othello’ in which the storyline is plotted by the guinea-hens, baboons, blind puppies, strawberrues and figs that inhabit the speeches of Shakespeare’s human characters. These faunal and floral forms are arranged in their original sequences so the structure of the play is visually revealed. ‘Othello – A Bestiary (With Floral Additions)’ is illustrated by Ian Whitmore with a foreword by Anna Frewster.


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