Artists’ Books in Howard Gardens library – a book a day in October – day 17!

Ajar: A History of Burnt Pans by Telfer Stokes and Vsevolod Nekrasov

‘A ravishing series of visual dishes have been served up for our delectation, varying from the raw to the overdone the verse providing the cutlery for this feast.  The text by the Russian poet collaborator plays a role more like the guy ropes and pegs that keep a tent erect and fixed in one place.  Printed in lolour and overlaid colour. Text in Russian and English. ‘What started as a series of red and square sized books 15cms x 15cms now loosely refers to the books produced between 1989 and 1998.  The development has been to a fuller use of layeres colour on the one hand and a calligraphic use of line on the other.  Movement as a theme of momentum is explored in travel and dance.’


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