New photography books

Bruce Gilden

A selection of new photography books, including Fotografie ‘Bruce Gilden’, are now on view in Howard Gardens and are available to borrow from Thursday 13th December. 

Waiting for the Light: David Noton,    The Sea: A Celebration in Photographs by Pierre Borhane,     Images in Time by Sigurjonsdottir, Langkjaer and Turney,     Collect Contemporary Photography by Jocelyn Philips,   The Life and Death of Buildings: On Photography and Time by Joel Smith,      Stop the War: A Graphic History by Marie Gollentz and Tony Benn,    Inside the View by Helen Sear,    Richard Benson: North, South, East, West by Richard BensonCrazy Photography by Diane Routex and Nicolas Marcais,   Patti Smith: Camera Solo,   Advanced Digital Black and White by John Beardsworth,   Photographs 1949-1962 by Robert Rauschenberg,   Art Photography Now by Susan BrightSnapshot: Painters and Photography by Elizabeth Wynne Easton, The Photographer’s Vision by Michael Freeman,    Portraits in Series: A Century of Photographs, Stern Fotografie Series: Araki,



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