what next ??????

The latest self-study display in  Howard Gardens features books that respond to the question “What next?”  What are the factors affecting your art/work/creativity etc once you graduate?  These book represent just a fraction of the books available. 

what next

Altfest , Ellen… [et al.], Diaries of a young artist  700.2/ALT   The artists’ yearbook 2010/11   702.341/ART    Barrett, Estelle & Bolt, Barbara (ed)  Practice as research: approaches to creative arts enquiry  700.72/BAR   Bellini, Andrea.  Everything you always wanted to know about gallerists but were afraid to ask  706.88/BEL   Branagan, Alison. The essential guide to business for artists and designers  700.68/BRA   Branagan, Alison.  A pocket business guide for artists and designers  700.68/BRA    Davies, Gillian. Copyright law for artists, photographers and designers   346.4104820247/DAV    Drake, Pat with Heath, Linda. Practitioner research at doctoral level: developing coherent research methodologies  378.2/DRA      Eikleberry, Carol. The Career guide for creative and unconventional people  331.702/EIK     Getting the word out: the artist’s guide to self-promotion    700.688/GET     Grant, Daniel.  Selling art without galleries: toward making a living from your art   706.8/GRA    Kelley, Tom with Littman, Jonathan.  The art of innovation: lessons in creativity from IDEO, America’s leading design firm  658.4063/KEL   Mesce, Bill Jnr. Artists on the Art of Survival: Observations on Frustration, Perspiration and Inspiration for the Young Artist  700.1/MES   Michels, Carol. How to survive and prosper as an artist: selling yourself without selling your soul 706.88/MIC    Mornement, Caroline (compiled and edited by). Second steps: a guide to careers in the craft world 702.3/MOR   O’Reilly, Daragh & Kerrigan, Finola (ed) Marketing the arts: a fresh approach 700.68/ORE   Potter, Stephen (ed) Doing postgraduate research 378.0072/POT,   Sharp, Gill & Dixon, Beryl. What can I do with … an arts degree? 331.70235/SHA     Stanfield, Alison B.  I’d rather be in the studio: the artist’s no-excuse guide to self-promotion  706/STA     Vitali, Julius. The fine artist’s guide to marketing and self-promotion  700.688/VIT    Warhurst, Caroline and Juliette McAuliffe (ed) Prizes & awards  REF 700.79/DEN     White, Brian Marshall.    Breaking into the art world: How to start making a living as an artist 700.2/WHI   Wissman, Pam (ed). 2011 artist’s & graphic designer’s market 706.88/WIS

Follow the catalogue links here to reserve these books – or use the classification numbers to find similar books on the shelves.


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