New photography books

New photography books at Howard Gardens library. They are currently on the new books display and will be available for loan from Wednesday 8 May 2013.


Ruud Van Empel : Photoworks 1995-2010

In the past few years, Ruud van Empel has progressed into one of the most extraordinary artists of the present day.  In the digital processing of photography he has developed a unique working method.  From hundreds of photo fragments he compiles pictures that are most lifelike and faithful to nature in their details, but depict a paradisical world that has never existed in this form.



Landscape photographer of the year. Collection 5

features all winning and commended images from each of the completion categories. 




In the 32 images by the Israeli-Swiss photographer Naomi Leshem the activities and movements of waking life have been excluded, but not the life and dreams of sleep.



Fashion photography

The harbingers of fashio photography.

the birth of fashion photography

The 30s and 40s

The post-war years and the 1950s

The 60s, 70s and 80s

From the 90s to today



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