New DVDs, summer term ’13 – part 1

New DVDs in Howard Gardens library:


Civilisation: A personal view by Lord Clark

Kenneth Clarke’s eloquent and deeply personal documentary series exploring the cultural heritage of the western world, from the collapse of the Roman Empire until the birth of modernism, was groundbreaking television when first broadcast by the BBC in 1969. With its use of exotic locations, and its engaging presenter with his idiosyncratic style, it influenced much of what was to follow


The ascent of man: the complete series

Dr Jacob Bronowski traces the steps of scientific imagination through history as they happened, where they happened.  This lavish and thought-provoking serious tells the story of the ideas that have transformed our lives.


We have also turned more old VHS formatted tapes of television documentaries into new DVDs. Here is a selection of the new titles:

Designing our lives

Six part series exploring how design innovations affect daily life

Brit-style 2001

From Battersea Park, Jack Dee hosts the British Fashion Awards, as part of London Fashion Week. Includes a review of the past year in fashion.

The works: The secret life of Marcel Duchamp

A focus on the life and work of Marcel Duchamp, now seen as the grandfather to the current wave of conceptual artists including Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. After an astonishing burst of creativity in the 1920s, Duchamp appeared to give up on art, yet in secret he was working on his final great work, ‘Etant Donnes’.

Michael Palin and the ladies who loved Matisse

Art history documentary in which Michael Palin uncovers the extraordinary tale of Victorian sisters Dr Claribel and Etta Cone.


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