New books, Summer vacation – Part 5

Modern artists

A selection of books from the Modern Artists series on the new books display in Howard Gardens library.


Richard Wilson

Featuring over 100 full-colour illustrations, an interview with the artist and examining six key works in-depth, this is an up-to-date and affordable monograph on Richard Wilson.



William Kentridge

William Kentridge is South Africa’s best-known contemporary artist.  Drawing on artistic traditions rooted in early twentieth century modernism, he works in many different media, satirising the status quo without being politically prescriptive, somehow commenting on human existence itself. Best known for expressionistic, animated films based on charcoal drawings that have been featured in museums and film festivals worldwide, he also makes prints, books, collage, tapestry and sculpture. He is internationally renowned for his direction and design of operas at some of the world’s leading opera houses, as well as for his collaborations with the Handspring Puppet Company.



Gabriel Orozco

Beginning with an investigation of his early influences, Jessica Morgan traces Gavriel Orozco’s artistic development, concentrating particularly on his exploration of different materials and media. It is the perfect introduction to one of the most creative and stimulating artists at work today.



Julian Opie

Mary Horlock here offers a complete and highly illustrated survey of the career and work of Julian Opie. She looks at how Opie has taken his art beyond the gallery walls and out into the mainstream of cultural life, testing out his ideas in a multitude of different media.



Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Over 7 decades she has produced a body of work that is as diverse in its use of materials as it is consistent in its themes. This book provides an introduction to her work and contains new insights on the artist.


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