New DVD recordings

Delacroix (ink on paper) by Brown, Gary

Delacroix (ink on paper), Brown, Gary

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education

We have recently transformed more VHS formatted tapes of television documentaries into DVDs . Here is a selection of the new titles:

Great artists 2 with Tim Marlow – Art historian Tim Marlow looks at some of the Western world’s most famous artists:


The work and controversial life of 19th-century American artist James Whistler


The subject of this documentary is 19th-century French painter Eugene Delacroix whose powerful romantic works inspired a late renaissance in history painting.

Piero della Francesca 

In this programme Tim Marlow studies the enigmatic art of renaissance master Piero della Francesca.

Art critic Matthew Collings appraises the Impressionists, artists whose work is generally loved by the publlic yet frequently criticised by the cognoscenti – Impressionism : Revenge of the nice

Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson is interviewed about his life, work, ideas and beliefs, to coincide with three major London exhibitions Henri Cartier-Bresson : Pen, brush and camera

Art zone : Picasso days – A French produced documentary on the life of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso through the events of 13 significant days of his life, including his marriage to Olga Kokhlova, the birth of his daughter, the bombing of Guernica and the death of Stalin.


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