New DVD recordings

During the summer vacation we have been transforming VHS formatted tapes of television documentaries into DVDs  and below is a selection of the latest DVDs added to the Howard Gardens’ collection.Where Does It All End?, 1994 (wax & cigarette butt) by Lucas, Sarah (1962 - ? )

Where Does It All End?, 1994 (wax & cigarette butt), Lucas, Sarah

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education

TX : Two melons and a stinking fish

Portrait of young British artist Sarah Lucas, whose work is concerned with questions of identity and sexuality and is often considered to be vulgar.

Naked London

Documentary following American photographer Greg Friedler in his attempts to compile a controversial book featuring pictures of Londoners, both clothed and naked.

Arthouse : Making a killing

A documentary following a Dutch family as they try to recover their parents’ treasured paintings stolen by the Nazis during the Second World War.

Close up : The people’s painting

Two Russian painters Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid commissioned a survey to learn what people prefer to hang in their homes, then travelled around British to establish overall preferences and prejudices, to create a popular and truly British painting.

Rolf on art

Rolf Harris presents a second series of programmes looking at and creating a piece of work in the different styles various artists. Prog. 1) Henri de Toulouse Lautrec. Prog. 2) Gustav Klimt. Prog. 3) Auguste Rodin

Toulouse-Lautrec : the full story

Art critic Waldemar Januszczak presents an in-depth biography of the controversial French painter. During an eventful life encompassing aristocracy, obsession, and alcoholic and sexual excess, Toulouse-Lautrec produced a huge body of work, revolutionary in blurring the boundaries between high and low art


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