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The Lady Lister (aquatint)

The Lady Lister (aquatint),  Holbein the Younger, Hans (1497 – 1560)

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education


Tim Marlow on : Holbein

Tim Marlow reviews the largest exhibition in 50 years of the work of Hans Holbein, a man regarded as the father of British art. Holbein documented one of the most turbulent periods in British history, painting the good, the bad and ugly of Tudor politics, all which is brought together in Tate Britain’s blockbuster show

Tim Marlow on : the Bowes Museum

Tim Marlow guides viewers around the collection at the Bowes Museum in County Durham

Tim Marlow on  : the Lady Lever Art Gallery

Tim Marlow takes an unusual tour of one of Britain’s hidden art treasures, the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool. The entrepreneur William Hesketh Lever made his fortune from soap and became a passionate collector of British 18th and 19th Century paintings, including works by Constable, Gainsborough, Millais and Holman Hunt.

Tim Marlow on : Highlights of the New Tate Modern

Tim Marlow guides us round the highlights of the New Tate Modern following its first rehang since it opened in 2000. In his accessible, hip and intelligent style, Marlow dissects great works by Mondrian, Warhol and Picasso, among others. This is the next best thing to visiting the gallery yourself – and a perfect introduction to modern art


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