New DVD recordings

The covers may all look the same but the content of the DVDs varies from documentaries on artists and designers or art and cultural stories to series looking at modern culture.


The art show : Jigsaw – John Macfarlane

A profile of the artist and set designer for opera and ballet, John MacFarlane

Hello culture presented by Matthew Collings

Matthew Collings writes and presents a series about today’s culture and its links to the past – from the romantic poets to modern pop

The works : The Schwitters scandal

While he was alive, Kurt Schwitters provoked the art world with his one-man Dada movement Merz, which united painting, sculpture, architecture and literature in fragments. After his death he hit the headlines due to several sensational inheritance lawsuits involving his heirs, a mistress, the Norwegian government, and the Marlborough Gallery. Looking back on Schwitters’ life and work, this film unravels a story of deceit, intrigue, power and money

Omnibus : Anthony Green RA, 57 Up

Documentary on the artist Anthony Green R.A. and his paintings and preparation for 1997’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Plastic : how it works

Professor Mark Miodownik tells the story of plastics – created in the lab, they have brought luxury to the masses and shaped the modern age. He recounts tales of the mavericks responsible for some of plastic’s most outrageous failures and heady successes, from the explosive attempts to make a replacement for ivory billiard balls to the ultimately ubiquitous Bakelite. Investigating at atomic level, Mark discovers the properties that have allowed plastics to dominate our world and reveals how the next generation of plastics will take its inspiration from nature, creating man-made materials which behave as though they are alive and which could help rebuild the human body

Visions of light

Documentary looking at the contribution of the cinematographer to film-making, with comments from from 27 leading cinematographers and clips from over 100 films

The culture show

Mariella Frostrup presents the weekly arts and culture programme from Glasgow. Includes Wilfred Cass’s Culture Park and an interview with performance artist Laurie Anderson


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