New books, Autumn term – part 4

St Ives Artists


St Ives artists : a companion – Virginia Button

In the 1880s, inspired by their French counterparts, British artists established artistic colonies in seaside towns, in search of good light, dramatic landscape and a simple way of life. By the mid-twentieth century, St Ives and it environs was home to some of the most important British artists of the era, including Ben Nicholson, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost and Barbara Hepworth. This comprehensive introduction provides a background to the artists themselves and the evolution of the artists’ colony at St Ives, as well as examining the art scene in Cornwall today. Featuring double-page spreads on key artists and a detailed introductory essay, as well as a postscript outlining what has happened to the St Ives artistic community since the 1970s, the book encompasses the creation of Tate St Ives in the early 1990s and the thriving contemporary art scene that is such a feature of the region in the new century.


Ben Nicholson

This addition to the ‘St Ives Artists’ series provides a detailed examination of Nicholson’s life and work in St Ives, giving new insights into this important artist’s approaches and evolving practice over six decades. The book precedes a major retrospective Tate St Ives exhibition.


Christopher Wood

The achievement of Christopher Wood has often been overshadowed by his dramatic suicide at the age of 29. Here, Virginia Button explores the life and art of Christopher Wood in detail, and also examines the growth of a glamorous narrative of tragic genius


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