Paper … cut … fold … slash … bind

We are looking forward to MAKERS visiting us in Howard Gardens next week to look at our Artists’ Books collection.


These books – all featuring book making and paper manipulation –  are on display ready for next weeks ‘Library Matters – Makers’ events  in the library. They can’t be borrowed yet – but you may like to follow the links to the Library Catalogue to reserve a copy.

Movable Books: an illustrated history

Form: book & promotion, edited by Wang Shaoqiang

500 handmade books: inspiring interpretations of a timeless form

Books Unbound by Michael Jacobs

The Penland book of handmade books edited by Jane LaFerla

Non-adhesive binding by Keith A. Smith

Handmade bookbinding techniques: decorative techniques by Josep Cambras

Book & Art: Handcrafting Artists’ Books by Dorothy Simpson Krause

Book-art: innovation in book design by Charlotte Rivers

Slash: paper under the knife edited by Martina D’Alton

The first cut: paper at the cutting edge, curated by Fiona Corridan and Natasha Howes

Choosing and using paper for great graphic design by Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire

Folding techniques for designers: from sheet to form by Paul Jackson

Structure of the visual book by  Keith A. Smith

Folding patterns for display & publicity and How to Fold by Lawrence K Withers

Paper cutouts by  Helene Leroux-Hugon and Juliette Vicart

Paper: tear fold rip crease cut 


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