New DVD recordings

 Brooklyn Bridge, 1983 (screenprint on lenox museum board) by Warhol, Andy (1928 - 1987)

Brooklyn Bridge, 1983 (screenprint on lenox museum board), Warhol, Andy

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education

Bridge : Brooklyn Bridge, New York

An insight into the lives of people who live near to one of the world’s famous bridges. This film looks at Brooklyn Bridge, which connects Manhattan to its poorer neighbour Brooklyn, and thus represents the quintessential American dream to the largely immigrant population of Brooklyn who live in its shadow. Mainly filmed prior to the events of September 11th 2001 local inhabitants reveal their personal stories but also upon a revisit by the film-maker describe how recent tragic events have influenced their lives

The science of secrecy

Series exploring the history of encryption, presented by Simon Singh

Modern times

BBC documentary television series exploring aspects of life in Britain in the late 1990s

BBC Four on BBC Two : The other Guggenheim

Profile of Peggy Guggenheim, whose collection contains pieces by such notable artists as Picasso, Braque, Duchamp, Magritte and Jackson Pollock. Athough Peggy’s wealth was modest compared to that of her more famous uncle, the cheaply-acquired collection is now valued at hundreds of milions of dollars

Moving stories : Tate Modern

The second in a series of programmes exploring the stories behind the art in the new Tate Modern gallery. Explains how pieces were selected for the collections at the gallery

Private view : Cezanne

Loyd Grossman, George Melly and Sarah Kent are invited to preview the Cezanne exhibition at the Tate Gallery in 1996 and give their impressions of the paintings

The sex empires

Three-part documentary on the publishing of pornography


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