Sculpture – DVD recordings

Light installation, 1989 (neon)

Flavin Dan – Light installation, 1989 (neon)

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education

Techniques of sculpture: geometry in the clay portrait

This program demonstrates a unique approach to modeling in clay by combining interdisciplinary concepts of geometry and sculpture.  Philippe Faraut shows how building a geometric base aids in modeling both realistic and fantasy heads.

The art of sculpting

 Volume 2 : Expressions and facial constructions

This volume covers individual features of different expressions. Philippe demonstrates rapid exercises in water-based clay that are useful for developing sculpting skills including how to recognize volumes specific to different age groups, genders and ethnic groups. This 110 minute DVD also includes a comprehensive demonstration on hollowing and firing techniques.

Volume 1: Children

Philippe shares his step-by-step method of construction, and his techniques to catch and correct common mistakes, while demonstrating in his favorite medium–wet clay. Filmed on location in Honeoye, NY at his studio, this 89 minute DVD offers instruction that is easily followed by a beginner and is complete enough to keep the interest of the most experienced sculptor

Three minute wonder  – Parts 1-4

Episode 1: Carl Andre. Film-maker Mike Figgis asks radical questions about how we understand sculpture. In this film, he takes Carl Andre’s 144 Magnesium Square (1969) to a flooring warehouse.

Episode 2: Jeff Koons. Film featuring the work of controversial American artist Jeff Koons.

Episode 3: Dan Flavin. Film featuring the work of Dan Flavin, who creates art out of fluorescent lights.

Episode 4: Marcel Duchamp. In this film, Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ is taken to the toilets of Liverpool Student Union


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