Animal series – Hare, Swan and Snake

The Animal Series books are currently on the new books display in Howard Gardens.


Hare / Simon Carnell

An account of an animal no less remarkable for its actual behaviour and capacities than for the intriguing ways in which it has been imagined and exploited throughout human history. The book examines how hares have been described, symbolised and visually depicted, as well as utilized for its fur, flesh, other body parts and exceptional speed

Swan / Peter Young

A natural and cultural history of the swan. Peter Young examines all aspects of this popular bird, from its distinctive appearance and characteristics, to its habitat and feeding and mating habits, to its method of formation flying.

Snake / Drake Stutesman

Drake Stutesman explores the enormous influence of the snake on the human imagination, as pets and sources of food and medicine, and as the inspiration for a huge array of cultural symbols from the cosmos to the Bible, and from the Chinese zodiac to voodoo magic


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