Spirituality and Art – Self Study Display

The current self-study display explores notions of spirituality, shamanism, and ritual within art. The selected books a just a taste of the expansive range of literature on this subject available in the library. The areas covered include Icons, African and Asian shrines, Blasphemy, Islamic art and shamanism. A small selection of contemporary artist are highlighted reflecting the diversity of response to this subject

Journey to the lower world

Journey to the lower world: a shamanic performance by Marcus Coates after a traditional Siberian Yakut ritual for the residents of Sheil Park, Liverpool, in January 2003.

The list of other books on the self study display can be seen below.


Shaker : life, work, and art

Sacred Tibet

Beyond belief : modern art and the religious imagination

Medium religion : faith, geopolitics, art

Blasphemy : art that offends

On the strange place of religion in contemporary art

 Pathway icons : the wayside art of India

Exploring the invisible : art, science, and the spiritual

Creative spirituality : the way of the artist

Zen and the art of pottery

Concerning the spiritual in art

Technicians of ecstasy : Shamanism and the modern artist

The return of religion and other myths : a critical reader in contemporary art

Islamic art and spirituality

Brick Testament : The Ten Commandments

Eretica : the transcendent and the profane in contemporary art

Face of the Gods  : art and altars of Africa and the African Americas

Felt : Fluxus, Joseph Beuys, and the Dalai Lama

Reasons for knocking at an empty house : writings 1973-1994

Ana Mendieta


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