New DVD Recordings at Howard Gardens library

Coast at St. David's (oil on canvas)

Coast at St. David’s (oil on canvas) – Williams, Kyffin (1918 – )

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education

The slate

Series focusing on art and culture in Wales. Episode 1. Shapes in clay. Celebrates the work of sculptor Bob Thomas. Episode 2. Kyffin. Against the backdrop of Angelsey and Snowdonia, the programme gives a profile of artist Kyffin Williams. Episode 3. Dannie Abse, a case history. A profile of the distinguished diarist, playwrite and poet. Episode 4. From a writer’s notebook. A tribute to the work of 80 year old writer Emyr Humphreys

Homework-Andre Stitt

A comprehensive collection of material giving an insight into the artists working methodology

Akshuns 1981-1997 -Andre Stitt

A collection of performances from Andre Stitt from the period 1981-1997.

Performance akshuns located in a formative experience and a response to an encoded past embodied in the present that identifies with the marginalised and dispossessed. Social and ethnic cleansing becomes global cleansing via inquisition technology. The human body and by association, all life, becomes the unknowing and disempowered object of surveillance.

The akshuns seek to inhabit, embody and identify with processes of transition, the resolution of conflict; community and communion. These elements constitute an evocation of the individual and communal body on a journey towards redemption.

Imagine  : Stella’s story

A profile of Stella McCartney, looking at her career in fashion. With footage dating back to 1985, shot by Stella herself, the programme provides a revealing portrait of one of the world?s leading designers


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