Collage and Photomontage on the Self Study Display

Collage and Photomontage has been choosen as the subject for the Self Study Display this month. The selected books reflect the historical, political and subversive use of this medium. Artists covered include Hannah Hoch, John Heartfield, and Ellen Gallagher.


Hannah Hoch

Malicious damage


Magical meteorite songwriting device

Collage : Assembling contemporary art

Coral cities


Martha Rosler : positions in the life world

John Heartfield

Images for the end of the century  : photomontage equations

Collage, assemblage, and the found object

Raoul Hausmann

Picture book : Hannah Hoch

Create and be recognized : photography on the edge

Collage : the unmonumental picture

Manifesto collage

Mestres del collage : de Picasso a Rauschenberg

Charlotte Hodes : silhouettes and filigree

Narrative deficiencies throughout : Tony Swain


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