Self Study Display – Our World Now

This months self study display focuses on the scope of books available on international art held within the library collection. They  reflect the diversity and  richness of art throughout the globe. Examining contemporary practice, history and cultural art forms from countries including New Zealand, Mexico, Japan and Turkey, South Africa, and Korea. These are just a few of the many books and DVDs held that can be borrowed on this subject from  the library.

Mr. Mkhize’s Portrait [DVD recording]

American visions [DVD recording]





Our world now 5

Arabic graffiti

Exploring North Korean arts

Before and after superflat : a short history of Japanese contemporary art





The Maiwa Foundation

Turk plastik sanatlari = Turkish plastic arts

The best under heaven : The Celadons of Korea





Made in L.A. 2012

Resisting the present : Mexico 2000-2012 

Siah Armajani : an ingenious world

World affairs in foreign films : getting the global picture





Asian jewellery

Unnerved : the New Zealand project

A pocket history of 20th century Chinese art

The fate of rural hell : asceticism and desire in Buddhist Thailand











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