New Book Display – Photography

A new display of books on artist/photographers can be currently viewed at Howard Gardens Library. This selection of books focus on the diversity within the area of contemporary photography, the subjects covered include identity, the body, landscape and play. They explore the work of Guy Tillim, Sian Bonnell, Raffaela Mariniello, Ian McKell and Thelma Herzl amongst others. The display reflects the spectrum of books avilable on this subject in the library collection.

Second nature

Raffaela Mariniello

What we already know



Facebook : friends

Photography and play

Beautiful Britain

Aska:  Formationen isländischer Vulkanasche 



Nadav Kander : bodies. 6 women, 1 man

From an elsewhere unknown

Prospect : panoramic photographs



Photography and landscape

Streetwise : masters of 60s photography

Red thistle

So now then


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