Llandaff Library staff talk about art: Helen Clifford

Gordon Matta-Clarke Splitting  (1974)

Gordon Matta-Clarke Splitting  (1974)

Gordon Matta-Clarke Splitting (1974)

 ‘This image has sat in my head and informed my practice for the past 20 years.

Gordon Matta-Clarke is best known for works in which he dissected existing buildings, slicing into and opening them up, using the simplest of means and changing them into gravity-defying, profoundly disorientating walk-through sculptures.

The work thrills me with its anarchy and poignancy,  and the cross referencing of architecture, art and politics are a long term interest of mine.’

During the 1970s, Matta-Clark made the works for which he is best known: his “anarchitecture.” These were temporary works created by sawing and carving sections out of buildings, most of which were scheduled to be destroyed.

Helen is a practising artist and works in the library part-time.



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