Library staff talk about art: a library welcome to new Art & Design students

Art & Design library staff at Llandaff each chose an artwork, work of design or other image and wrote a sentence or two to explain why we had chosen that particular one.

We did this to introduce ourselves to new students not with boring images of our faces but as people fascinated by art and design and the world just like our library users…..

These images were chosen for a variety of different reasons ranging from their political message, the appreciation of beauty, reminiscence and the pondering of big themes. Art is a powerful language!!

We will be wearing our chosen image on our staff ID card for the first few weeks of this term so that you can match the image to the person!

To get a glimpse of the art work we’ll be wearing, click on “Library staff” tag in this blog.

By Jenny Godfrey, Art & Design and Visual Resources Librarian

Find out more..

Jenny’s Art, Design and Architecture Blog


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