ART21 – New DVDs

ART21 – Art in the 21st Century is a series of DVDs – 6 of which are currently on display on the 2nd floor of Llandaff library.

They are available to view until 15th December, after which time they can be borrowed.  You can also reserve them by using the library catalogue SUMMON.

art21 dvds

IDENTITY: Bruce Nauman, Kerry James Marshall, Maya Lin, Louise Bourgeois.  Bruce Nauman transforms everyday activities, speech, and objects into works that are both familiar and alien. “I needed a different way to approach the idea of being an artist,” says Nauman.

CONSUMPTION: Matthew Barney, Michael Ray Charles, Andrea Zittel, Mel Chin.  Documentary about contemporary artists and how they repond to consumerism through their work.

PLAY: Jessica Stockholder, Ellen Gallagher, Arturo Herrera, Oliver Herring.  Spontaneous and joyful, subversive or amusing, play can take many forms in daily life as well as in contemporary art. The “Art in the Twenty-First Century” documentary “Play” explores the work of the artists Oliver Herring, Arturo Herrera, Jessica Stockholder, and Ellen Gallagher, and concludes with an original video artwork by Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler

PROTEST: Nancy Spero, An-My Lê, Alfredo Jaar, Jenny Holzer.  How do contemporary artists engage politics, inequality, and the many conflicts that besiege the world today? How do artists use their work to discuss or oppose misery, turmoil, and injustice?

CHANGE: Catherine Opie, El Anatsui, Ai Weiwei. How do artists respond to a world in flux? In what ways do artists act as agents of change, and what kinds of aesthetic choices do they make?

SYSTEMS: John Baldessari, Julie Mehretu, Kimsooja, Allan McCollum.  Documentary about contemporary artists and how they explore our complex society in their work. What new grammars and logics do artists invent in today’s supercharged, information-based society? Why do we find comfort in some systems while rebelling against others?


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