New books

Added to the library collection this week are the following books:

new book feb a
Panaesthetics: on the unity and diversity of the arts by Daniel Albright

Fresh widow: the window in art since Matisse and Duchamp by Maria Müller-Schareck

The end of the 20th century: the best is yet to come: [a dialogue with the Marx Collection]

The book art of Richard Minsky: my life in book art

new book feb b

Rituals of rented island: Object Theater, Loft Performance, and the New Psychodrama by Jay Sanders

The Artist’s House: from workplace to artwork by Kirsty Bell

Continuum of Repair: The Light of Jacob’s Ladder

Travel: Haim Steinbach

All are on display on the 2nd floor of zone 1 at Llandaff until Saturday 7th March.  They can be reserved by following the links to the library catalogue SUMMON.


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