Artists’ Books on World Book Day

It’s World Book Day . . . and we’ve just run a workshop for a group of Level 5 students from the School of Art & Design who are embarking on a project run by Tom Martin on artists’ books. After viewing the display of books donated to the library by Ron King, they spent an engaging 90 minutes exploring 50 or so examples of artists’ books from the Special Collection in Llandaff library.


A variety of book structures and bookbinding methods were examined – and there were lively comments about all aspects of the books: the feel and in some cases the smell of the books, the materials used, the methods of binding, the content and text through to the emotions evoked by some of the books.

Over the next few weeks the students will take part in a series of workshops in the print studio before assembling and binding their finished books.  We can’t wait to see them!

‘A blog a day during March – artists’ books – the Ron King donation’



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2 responses to “Artists’ Books on World Book Day

  1. i want to make one like the moth book 🙂

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