Artists’ Books: The Disappearing Alphabet

51wsHMeMwPLIf you search the library catalogue for this book, you will find that apparently we have two copies.  Children, parents and illustrators may be familiar with the popular 2001 brightly coloured book by Richard Wilbur, illustrated by David Diaz. A collection of twenty six short poems – pondering what the world would be like if any letters of the alphabet should disappear.

145 The Disappearing AlphabetThe other book of the same title, donated to us by Ron King, takes Wilbur’s text and presents it in a very different way. Barbara B Blumenthal is responsible for this alphabet book – the design, calligraphy & binding of this edition – one of only 126 numbered and lettered copies (A-Z being reserved for the publisher and the author) published in 1998. This copy is signed by Richard Wilbur.

P1040352aThe flipbook measuring 9cm x 11.5cm has paper pages (Mohawk Vellum) with typed text (Bembo font) and calligraphy. The cover has a revolving paper dial attached and the book is bound using Japanese stitch.

‘A blog a day during March – artists’ books – the Ron King donation’


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