New Books: Art, design, disability & care

Included in this week’s new books display:

“In Design Meets Disability, Graham Pullin explores what new forms of Braille signage might proliferate if designers kept both sighted and visually impaired people in mind; if simple designs can avoid the need for complicated accessibility features; and if such emerging design methods as “critical design” complement clinical trials.”

design meets disability

Making Sense: Art Practice and Transformative Therapeutics utilises art practice as a pro-active way of thinking that helps us to make sense of the world. It does this by developing an applied understanding of how we can use art as a method of healing and as a critical method of research.”

making sense

Art + Care: A Future provides insight into possible alliances between the fields of art and elderly care now and in the future. Beyond providing a service for the care sector, the contributors argue, art has a role to play in challenging the marginalisation of the aged, while ageing provokes fundamental questions to the field of art. The book includes theoretical, artistic, curatorial and sociological reflections …”

art + care a future

These will be on display for the next two weeks, after which time they can be borrowed. Reservations can be placed by following the links to the library catalogue.


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