Artists’ Books: Civil Defense

Philip Zimmermann – Civil  Defense


In the article available here Philip Zimmerman describes the concept and the inception of his 1984 book entitled ‘Civil Defense’…

“In late 1983 I decided that I wanted to do a book that reflected the upcoming Orwellian year of 1984. The cold war was still at its coldest and most frightening. Ronald Reagan uttered the now famous words at a microphone that the USSR should not worry, the bombers were already on their way to hit the Soviet Union. He meant it as an ad-libbed joke, but many of us thought that it was a Freudian indicator of his true feelings about the bomb and the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire. It would be hard for the youth of today to know how scary many people felt the times were then. I participated in a huge Ban the Bomb rally in Manhattan during the summer of 1983. No one remembers this million person peace demonstration today. But Civil Defense was born in those times.”


For more information about Philip Zimmermann’s books, here is his blog:

‘a blog a day during March – artists’ books – the Ron King donation’


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