Artists’ Books: Weproductions Editions 1999 – 2010

Illiers Combray by Helen Douglas and Zoë Irvine is an award winning book held in the Artists’ Books Collection in Cardiff Met’s Llandaff Library. Published in 2004. Read more  by following the link to the library catalogue or on the publisher’s website here.

Illiers Combray

New to the collection . . .


147 8 MINS

8Minutes by Telfer Stokes 2002. “The title 8 Minutes refers to the time it takes light from the sun to reach Earth . . . ”

148 Unravelling the Ripple

Unravelling the Ripple

by Helen Douglas, pocketbooks, Edinburgh, 2001. “This book could be bound as a circle, the pages like spokes on a wheel . . .”

149 Last Day in Kas

Last Day in Kas

by Helen Douglas, Nexus Press in collaboration with Weproductions, 2001. “Last Day in Kas gathers the temporal and particular within the poignancy of a last day. . . .”


Weproductions Editions 1999 – 2010

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