Artists’ Books: ‘E.A.’ Series

In addition to those books already featured in this blog, there are six more in this series held within the Artists’ Books Collection. Each  artists’ proof has been created for exhibitions held at Alain Buyse’s workshop in Lille from 1989 to 1992. All are A5 size with simple cardboard covers.

E A series 2

EA 9

EA 10

EA 11

EA 12

EA 13

EA 14a

E.A.9 La passion du jaune de Naples & de bien d’autre chose by Paul-Armand Gette

E.A.10 Décentralisation by Jacques Villeglé

E.A.11 Frottis by Magali Claude

E.A.12 Le zebre a line: version mystique by Gérard Duchêne

E.A.13 Catalogue des armes et instruments de la manufacture D. N.: fascicule 1 by Gilbert Lascault and Daniel Nadaud

E.A.14 Poisson rouge by Pierre Tilman

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