Violence and eroticism – new journals in this week.

Lots of exciting new journals have come into the library this week.  Amongst them is  Modern Painters a monthly journal that analyses international contemporary art and culture – from painting and sculpture to photography, film, architecture, design and performance.

Modern painters cover
One of the articles is a richly illustrated article about Natalie Frank’s fairy-tale project, Tales from the Brothers Grimm: Drawings. Writer Linda Nochlin tells us these goache and chalk pastel drawings on rough paper are “Grimm’s fairy tales before the PC censors got ahold of them … The violence and eroticism of the fairy-tale images  are definitely not meant for children.”

Natalie Frank

Another artist exploring sexuality as part of his work is Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, an internationally established artist who has courtyed controversy with the content of his work. Edward Dimsdale’s article in contemporary photography journal Hotshoe discusses Marvelous Tales of Black Ink, the artist’s most recent publication.


Hotshoe cover



Follow the blue signs for journals through the learning centre:

Zone 3, Floor 2: A- H

Zone 3, Floor 3: I- Z and archivemapllandaff


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