Volumes of Vulnerability and Somerset Stones on display

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On display until May 5th in N Block ground floor In Gallery display cabinet in Cardiff School of Art and Design are two multi-part artists’ books Volumes of Vulnerability and Somerset Stones.

Volumes of Vulnerability curated by Susan Johanknecht and Katharine Meynell explores multiple artists’ views on risk and vulnerability and contains 20 artists’ books, a catalogue, an audio tape, a floppy disc and a CD-ROM. The work was published to accompany a touring exhibition ‘Volumes (of vulnerability)’ opening at The Standpoint Gallery 13th January – 20th February 2000 to coincide with the Millennium.

Somerset Stones is a work by Jill Barker revealing her explorations within a theme and comprises a ledger style drop back box containing letterpress and found objects with mirror, digital and woodblock prints, table of contents and description of the work. The work also contains four hardback bound books labelled vols 1 – 4 each containing a pebble and cut paper pages, one digital print of the pebble and a tide table for Watchett Jan-April. ‘Gift from the Sea’ is also part of the work – torn sheets of Somerset white satin paper in a flower press with digital print and stones with eye carving, two beach pebbles mounted on top and fixed with vacuum pack plastic.


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