CSAD students’ artists’ books on show in Llandaff Library

P1040685a P1040705a P1040678a P1040711a P1040712a P1040697aFollowing on from participation in workshops at SCOLAR (Ron King’s Circle Press books) and in Cardiff Metropolitan’s Artists’ Books Collection, CSAD students undertook an artists’ books project with Tom Martin, learning different techniques in print, paper making and bookbinding.  We are delighted to display some of the finished books on the ground floor of Llandaff Library alongside some of the inspirational books from our library’s own Artists’ Books Collection.

“An exhibition encasing hand bound and printed artist’s books. Exploring the definition of what is classified as a book and challenging the boundaries of any conventions, through experimentation with print, hand-made papers, typeface and use of unusual materials. Taking inspiration from a selection of artists’ books from Llandaff Library’s Special Collections, students and staff from Cardiff School of Art and Design make their own unique response, exploiting a diverse range of techniques in print making: mono print, lino print, screen print and collagraph along with added extra elements: pockets; hidden folds and found objects such as: feather, leaves, moss and hair.”  Sarah Thomas,  Exhibition Curator

Thanks to Sarah Thomas and Felicity Lockyear for curating this display and to the artists Gemma Schiebe, Julia Hopkins, Kim Jones, Sophie Burrows, Felicity Lockyear and Sarah Thomas.



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