New Books: Art in Cornwall (and beyond)

Cornwall’s ‘Fisherfolk’: Art & Artifice: The artists that colonised Newlyn from the 1880s onwards, such as Elizabeth Armstrong, Frank Bramley, William Breakspeare, Stanhope Forbes, Edwin Harris, Walter Langley and Leghe Suthers, saw the local citizens as models of stability, courage, perseverance and faith. They painted working people engaged in everyday tasks, alongside moments of high drama, a version of contemporary life that was often carefully constructed and staged. With over seventy works on display, many borrowed from private and public collections, this exhibition shows how the spaces inhabited by these ‘model citizens’ are orderly, offering them as examples for the nation as a whole.

Modern Art and St Ives: International Exchanges 1915-65. In this new exploration of modern art and St Ives, works by leading St Ives artists are looked at in the context of their contemporaries in Europe, North America and beyond.


Two new books currently on display on the 2nd floor of Llandaff Library. Available to browse until 9th March after which time they may be borrowed. If you would like to place a reservation, please follow the link to the library catalogue.


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