Mind the Map

mind the map

New to our library – and currently on the new books display – is Mind the Map: Illustrated Maps and Cartography. Shelfmark 912 ANT

From the publisher’s website: “Maps speak a universal language and make the world accessible. A follow-up to our ­[Gestalten’s] best-selling publication A Map of the World, this book features the cutting-edge of creative contemporary cartography. Whether sketched on a napkin or generated from complex data, maps are a fascinating expression of contemporary visual culture. Their styles may range from simple to intricate and restrained to vivid, but all maps unlock the world and make it more accessible. In our age of omnipresent satellite navigation systems, personal interpretations of our surroundings are gaining in importance. Today, the craftsmanship of cartographers and the distinct visuals of map illustrators are increasingly valued by both professional designers and a growing community of those passionate about maps.”

Already on the shelves is the 2013 publication ‘A Map of the World‘ which can be found at shelfmark 741.6 ANT



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