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Study Skills and More


On display on the 2nd floor of Llandaff Library are just a few titles that you may find helpful with your studies (and in getting to know Cardiff and Wales). As you will see, there are many, many more books on the shelves on all three floors of the library. Check out the other end of the building too for Journals on floors 2 & 3. These are just the tip of the iceberg as there are thousands of online journals, databases and resources available to you too which you can access by using our catalogue MetSearch.

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If you would like to borrow any of these books, please take them to the helpdesk on the ground floor



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Everybody to the Election!

A search for election posters on Bridgeman Education resulted in this striking range of Soviet publicity, encouraging citizens to use their vote!

Everybody Participate in the Elections!, 1948 (colour litho) All to the Elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR! Sunday March 14, 1954 (colour litho)  Elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, 18 of March, 1962 (gouache on paper)

Cardiff Met subscribes to this database which is accessible to you when you log in through the student or staff portal.

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The City – CSAD Field Level 4 – 2015

The City i

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Mothers of Africa

A display of image rich library resources can still be seen on the second floor of Zone 3 in the Library at Llandaff.






Whilst they have been assembled to support the Textiles Mothers of Africa project, these could be of interest to all students, and will be displayed until Friday 12th December.


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Guy Fawkes: searching for images


Children carrying a 'Guy Fawkes' on Bonfire Night (sepia photo)

Sepia photograph of children carrying a ‘Guy Fawkes’ on bonfire night courtesy of Bridgeman Education

Just as with icebergs, the bulk of resources available through our library are largely out of direct view. The books and journals that you see on the shelves are simply the tip of the iceberg.  Electronic books, journals and vast databases can be accessed through the library pages on the staff and student portals.  Follow the quick link to the electronic library. Here you can search the catalogue for books, databases, journals and so on, and also for images.

summon screen grab

One such search for Guy Fawkes resulted in links to Bridgeman Education and the images on this page. Just make sure you are logged in on your computer as a student or staff member of Cardiff Met to access this wonderful resource.

Guy Fawkes Night

‘Guy Fawkes Night’ gauche on paper. Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education


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Trend forecasting lecture from WGSN for CSAD students & staff

Don't miss it!

Don’t miss it!

World Global Style Network (WGSN) is one of the leading international fashion forecasting companies. Clients include Next, Marks & Spencer and Tesco.

There are many careers and opportunities in this sector for arts students interested in textiles, fashion, making and design.  They employ a team of researchers, makers/designers, artists, photographers, journalists to analyse, predict and report trends.  As well researching a range of print and online resources, WGSN regularly visit important catwalk shows, retail fashion stores, music festivals, design and trade exhibitions across the world.

WGSN is particularly visual – as well as photographs of fashion and design, you can see close up (macro) images of new and emerging new trends in materials, designs, colours, textiles, fabrics, graphics and prints.  The database is easy to use and is an essential resource for Cardiff School of Art & Design.

Trend forecasting is time consuming and expensive: big companies rely heavily on them to predict and analyse as accurately as possible, how consumers will buy.

Meanwhile at Cardiff Met, you have a wealth of resources that these big companies use (and pay big bucks for) at your finger-tips for free.  The Library and careers information service can teach you how to find this information – so you can research a market, define a trend & assess what’s likely to be popular.

Knowing how to use these resources effectively will earn you bonus points when it comes to finding work in this competitive industry.   If you are self-employed, market research and trend forecasting skills are essential: you can’t develop a business without knowing your market.  And foreseeing a potential gap or trend before anyone else does, will give you an edge.

So join us at Llandaff (C022 lecture theatre) on Wednesday 8th October from 10am-12pm with WGSN rep, Anjalee Patel, to find more about how the company has become a leader in trend forecasting, and what career opportunities are available in this sector.

© Image by Nick Knight, adapted for this post by Catherine Finch

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Drawing in Between


To complement the upcoming seminar at Howard Gardens, ‘Drawing in Between’, there is currently a special display of books, journals and DVDs on the subject of drawing in Howard Gardens Library – in the Self Study area near the issue desk. Do please call in and browse the collection. These items will be on display for the next month, and will be available to borrow from Monday 24th June.

Books include the newly acquired Making and Drawing by Kyra Cane, one of the featured speakers at the seminar. Also On Line: drawing through the 20th century, by Cornelia H Butler and Catherine de Zegher,  Drawing: The Enactive Evolution of the Practitioner by Patricia Cain, Berger on Drawing by John Berger and Firing Thoughts: exploring the relationship between ceramics and drawing . There are also books about traditional drawing techniques, drawing for architecture and fashion, through to CAD drawing.

DVDs displayed are the BBC programmes Imagine: From Pencils to Pixels and The Secret of Drawing. Cave drawings come to light in Lascaux and in Connecting Lines, 25 artists talk about drawing.

There are also examples of Journal articles, such as Blueprints: Sound Recordings of Experimental Drawings from a 2001 issue of Leonardo, and an issue of Leonardo from 1991 features an article describing the work of Karen Frimkess Wolff: Drawing with Sound. Of particular interest, the peer reviewed journal, The Journal of Visual Art Practice, has a whole issue (Volume 11 Number 1, 2012) devoted to drawing, one of the articles – Drawing Into Practice – is by Natasha Mayo another of the seminar’s speakers. Electronic versions of these articles are also available by searching the e-journal a-z and follow the links.

And if you haven’t ventured into the area of electronic books – do take a look – for example  Drawing: The Purpose and Force: Character Design from Life Drawing which can be accessed through the library catalogue.

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There’s just one more day left to see the Self-Study Display in Howard Gardens Library which features many different aspects of Berlin.  There is a selection of books, journals and DVDs on topics such architecture, art, culture, history, politics, modernism & museums. These can be seen on display until 15th February when they will be available to borrow.   Here’s the list of titles – just follow the link to take you to the library catalogue – where the books and DVDs can be reserved.


5X Berlin by Cyan, ATAK, Anschlaege          Berlin: A Guide to Recent Architecture by Duane Phillips    Berlin Art Now by Mark Gisbourne; photographs by Jim Rakete           Berlin in the Twenties: Art and Culture, 1918-1933  by Rainer Metzger     Berlin Modernism by Alfred Englert           Berlin: The Politics of Order, 1737-1989          Jewish Museum: Berlin by Daniel Libeskind     Making of Alex: Berlin Alexanderplatz. Urban Art Stories     Olaf Metzel, Gerd Rohling, Ina Barfuss, Thomas Wachweger: Berlin       Rainer Fetting, Berlin            The New Berlin: Memory, Politics, Place by Karen E. Till        Urban Art Photography by Jurgen Grosse        The Berlin Secession: Modernism and its Enemies in Imperial Germany                                                      DVDs:  Berlin Alexanderplatz. Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder   Olympic Architecture: After the Circus Leaves Town    

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Free Access to Cambridge Journals

Cambridge Journals are giving free access to their entire 2012 journal content for the next 6 weeks!

From 22nd January – 5th March, all content published in 2012 will be available free online.  To take advantage of the wealth of free material simply register using the online registration form using the following offer code:


cambridge journals

 Many and varied topic areas are available:

Cultural Studies . . .  Music and Performance . . . Literary Studies . . . Philosophy . . . Materials Reserach . . . Medieval Studies . . . Environmental Sciences . . . History . . . Engineering  and more.





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V&A free online journal

Victoria and Albert Museum

Follow this link to see issues of this free online journal.  The editor of the journal writes:

‘The V&A Online Journal aims to provide a forum for research papers from scholars inside and outside the museum, in a bid to promote dialogue and open up new ways of interrogating material culture, current design practice, histories of design and all other related fields. Provided that submissions meet the academic standards set by our Editorial team and peer reviewers, we welcome articles for future issues on the history of art, architecture and design relating to the V&A ‘s collections, public programme or institutional history; features focusing on new acquisitions or objects linked to V&A exhibitions; reflections on the educational or creative industries role of the Museum and reviews and previews of V&A publications, conferences or displays.’

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