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New Books


Currently on display (and available for loan) on the 2nd floor of Llandaff Library.


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Books on Books

books on books 2

Currently on display on the 2nd floor of Llandaff Library – books on books – book history, bindings, book design, exhibition catalogues and more. Included are two new books by Keith Houston.

In The Book (002.09 HOU) Keith Houston reveals that the paper, ink, thread, glue and board from which a book is made tell as rich a story as the words on its pages-of civilisations, empires, human ingenuity and madness. In an invitingly tactile history of this 2,000 year-old medium, Houston follows the development of writing, printing, the art of illustrations, and binding to show how we have moved from cuneiform tablets and papyrus scrolls to the hardcovers and paperbacks of today. Sure to delight book lovers of all stripes with its lush, full-colour illustrations, The Book gives us the momentous and surprising history behind humanity’s most important-and universal-information technology.

Shady characters: ampersands, interrobangs and other typographical curiosities.  (411.09HOU ) Where does the ampersand get its name from? What does the hashtag have to do with commerce in ancient Rome? Keith Houston gives the answers in this delightfully entertaining book.From the pilcrow to the ampersand, the entire cast of Shady Characters reflects the changes in written communication through the ages, charting how punctuation has adapted to each new technological innovation. Together, these shady characters form a rich, entertaining and surprising history of the written word and our ongoing attempts to shape it

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New Books

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New books currently on display on the top floor of Llandaff Library

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The Anatomy of Colour

New book on display: The Anatomy of Colour by Patrick Baty

anatomy of colour

The Anatomy of Colour is the definitive book on the use of colour and paint in interior decoration over a 300-year period. Drawing on his huge specialist archive, historian and paint expert Patrick Baty traces the evolution of pigments and paint colours together with colour systems and standards, and examines their impact on the colour palettes used in interiors from 1650 to 1960. He first charts the creation in paint of the common and expensive colours made from traditional earth pigments between 1650 to 1799. Next he examines the emergence of colour systems and standards and their influence on paint colours together with the effect of industrialized production on the texture and durability of paints. Alongside the authoritative and revealing text are specially commissioned photographs of pages from rare colour books.

Throughout the book reproductions of interiors from home decor books, highlighting the distinctive colour trends and styles of painting particular to each period, accompany the in-depth analysis of the history of colour and the development and use of paint colours in interior design.

747.9409 BAT

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Women’s Work is Never Done

New to the shelves: Women’s Work is Never Done‘ brings together the twenty most important essays by internationally acclaimed art critic and curator Catherine de Zegher. Her essays on female artists, which have now been collected for the first time, cover a period of thirteen years.

women's work

Currently on display 2nd floor Llandaff Library 704.042 ZEG

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Cartier in Motion

New to the shelves:  Cartier in Motion unravels the unique story of Cartier’s approach to watchmaking and design.


Cartier in Motion
‘Curated by Lord Norman Foster, the book explores the creativity of Cartier. Whilst telling the story of Cartier watchmaking and the invention of the modern wristwatch, Cartier in Motion explores the change in society at the turn of the 20th century. Amidst upheavals in art, architecture, travel and lifestyles, the traces of a new world could be seen’.

Ivory Press.

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Gorgeous new books . . . . .

A little taste of nature:

New books currently on display in Llandaff and available to borrow.

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