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a monthly photographic zine by Chiara Ambrosio


“As Far As The Eye Can Travel is a paper Wunderkammer that gathers together geographies of the mind, topographies of the soul and physical excavations: curious chance encounters, moments of discovery, unexpected revelations that will surprise, enchant and spark uncharted flights of the imagination as far as the eye can- and will- travel. 

afatect website small

It is a magnifying glass through which to look at the real world anew and reveal all the magic and wonder that lies within it …”


Follow this link to read the full article about this fabulous set of  books we now have in our Artists’ Books Collection at Llandaff. Bought from the equally fabulous bookartbookshop!


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Reading lists: new books

Reading list books are arriving thick and fast – just going on the shelves at Llandaff now.


Fashion, animation and more.


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New books

Added to the shelves at Llandaff library this week. Hover over the image to see the shelf- mark, which shows where each book can be found in the library.

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New books – on the shelves now

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Books added to the collection this week – the numbers at the bottom of each image show where they can be found on the shelves of Llandaff Library.

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Ernst Haeckel

art forms in nature   art forms from the ocean

Art Forms in Nature “The geometric shapes and natural forms, captured with exceptional precision in Ernst Haeckel’s prints, still influence artists and designers to this day…”

Art Forms from the Ocean At the nexus of art and science, this dazzling new edition of Ernst Haeckel’s first work reintroduces the genius of an enigmatic scientist and passionate observer of the natural world…”

    … follow the links to the library catalogue MetSearch to read more.

These two new books at Llandaff Library been found on the shelves at 769.92 HAE

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New Books

Newly arrived this week, these books can be found on the shelves (top floor – Llandaff Library) ready to borrow.

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New to Llandaff’s shelves this week . . .

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