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CSAD students’ artists’ books on show in Llandaff Library

P1040685a P1040705a P1040678a P1040711a P1040712a P1040697aFollowing on from participation in workshops at SCOLAR (Ron King’s Circle Press books) and in Cardiff Metropolitan’s Artists’ Books Collection, CSAD students undertook an artists’ books project with Tom Martin, learning different techniques in print, paper making and bookbinding.  We are delighted to display some of the finished books on the ground floor of Llandaff Library alongside some of the inspirational books from our library’s own Artists’ Books Collection.

“An exhibition encasing hand bound and printed artist’s books. Exploring the definition of what is classified as a book and challenging the boundaries of any conventions, through experimentation with print, hand-made papers, typeface and use of unusual materials. Taking inspiration from a selection of artists’ books from Llandaff Library’s Special Collections, students and staff from Cardiff School of Art and Design make their own unique response, exploiting a diverse range of techniques in print making: mono print, lino print, screen print and collagraph along with added extra elements: pockets; hidden folds and found objects such as: feather, leaves, moss and hair.”  Sarah Thomas,  Exhibition Curator

Thanks to Sarah Thomas and Felicity Lockyear for curating this display and to the artists Gemma Schiebe, Julia Hopkins, Kim Jones, Sophie Burrows, Felicity Lockyear and Sarah Thomas.


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Artists’ Books: Weproductions Editions 1999 – 2010

Illiers Combray by Helen Douglas and Zoë Irvine is an award winning book held in the Artists’ Books Collection in Cardiff Met’s Llandaff Library. Published in 2004. Read more  by following the link to the library catalogue or on the publisher’s website here.

Illiers Combray

New to the collection . . .


147 8 MINS

8Minutes by Telfer Stokes 2002. “The title 8 Minutes refers to the time it takes light from the sun to reach Earth . . . ”

148 Unravelling the Ripple

Unravelling the Ripple

by Helen Douglas, pocketbooks, Edinburgh, 2001. “This book could be bound as a circle, the pages like spokes on a wheel . . .”

149 Last Day in Kas

Last Day in Kas

by Helen Douglas, Nexus Press in collaboration with Weproductions, 2001. “Last Day in Kas gathers the temporal and particular within the poignancy of a last day. . . .”


Weproductions Editions 1999 – 2010

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Artists’ Books: Weproductions

We have nine new additions to our Artists’ Books collection from Weproductions. Taken from their website:

Weproductions publications are a paradigm of a generation of artists’ books characterised by unlimited editions, paperback format and offset printing.

Produced by Telfer Stokes and Helen Douglas, the publications demonstrate an exploration of book form to structure visual narrative.

The imprint Weproductions was established by Telfer Stokes in 1971 and joined by Helen Douglas in 1974. In 1976 it moved from London to Deuchar Mill, Scotland, where a printing press was set up in 1979.

After two decades of in-house printing and working with small presses in the States, the late ’90s and 2000s brought about new changes: returning to the use of commercial offset printers for larger multiple editions and the introduction of small hand printed digital editions. Douglas continues to make and publish from Deuchar Mill: her e-scroll The Pond at Deuchar has recently been published by Tate.”


MIM – on the subject of mimicry – is one of five books in Weproductions’ Millboard Series. Written by Helen Douglas and published in 1986 in an edition of 600, the book is printed using off-set litho and explores splicing and overlay of imagery and print.








The Paperback Series was published between 1972 & 1978. “Locating the book as structured place with the use of photography, the artists investigate imagery in relation to the page and the book format to develop new ways of reading” http://weproductions.com/paperback.html

154%20Passage 155%20Spaces

This series includes Passage (1972) and Spaces (1974), both by Telfer Stokes. Read more about these books on the publisher’s website or by following the links to the library catalogue.

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Artists’ Books: Philip Zimmermann


Using Electronic Journals . . .

We have two new books in the artists’ books collection by Philip Zimmermann: ‘High Tension’ and ‘Civil Defense’. I was able to research these works and the artist by using the library catalogue SUMMON to access electronic journals.

blog online catalogue v3The Blue Notebook: journal for artists’ books launched in October 2006 as a peer-reviewed journal, published twice a year. It is published in two formats: an online colour version and print in black and white. Cardiff Met subscribes to both. To see the print version visit the journals area of the library on the 2nd floor of zone three, otherwise access the full colour version online. In Volume 8 No.2 published in April 2014 you can find this excellent article: Tension, Style, and the Modern Psyche. A Stylistic Analysis of Philip Zimmermann’s ‘High Tension’ by Alison Gibbons.


For Philip Zimmermann’s commentary on this work, a video and more images visit http://spaceheat.com/books/high-tension

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Artists’ Books: Dieter Wagner

der Traum ist aus No. 1

142 der Traum ist aus

143 is da wirgli a rua oder goethes fettflecken

is da wirgli a rua oder goethes fettflecken

Two new books published in 1985 have now been added to our Artists’ Books collection – follow the links to the Library Catalogue to read more about them.

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Artists’ Books: The Disappearing Alphabet

51wsHMeMwPLIf you search the library catalogue for this book, you will find that apparently we have two copies.  Children, parents and illustrators may be familiar with the popular 2001 brightly coloured book by Richard Wilbur, illustrated by David Diaz. A collection of twenty six short poems – pondering what the world would be like if any letters of the alphabet should disappear.

145 The Disappearing AlphabetThe other book of the same title, donated to us by Ron King, takes Wilbur’s text and presents it in a very different way. Barbara B Blumenthal is responsible for this alphabet book – the design, calligraphy & binding of this edition – one of only 126 numbered and lettered copies (A-Z being reserved for the publisher and the author) published in 1998. This copy is signed by Richard Wilbur.

P1040352aThe flipbook measuring 9cm x 11.5cm has paper pages (Mohawk Vellum) with typed text (Bembo font) and calligraphy. The cover has a revolving paper dial attached and the book is bound using Japanese stitch.

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Artists’ Books: E.A.2 “Gérard Duchêne portraitiste”

EA 2



“Gérard Duchêne portraitiste”  = “Gerard Duchene portrait”

by Bernard GUERBADOT and Alain BUYSE

P1040394aPublished on the occasion of an exhibition of the work of Gérard Duchêne the Galerie Epreuve d’Artiste, Lille, Feb. 3-5 Mar. 1989


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Artists’ Books in Howard Gardens – a book a day in October !

Artists Books in Howard Garden’s Library . . . . . . . . .

The Observer’s Book of the Larger British Moths

An altered book by Andrew Malone.

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