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New Books: Your career as an artist


Show Your Work 650.7 KLE


Art Inc. 702.3 CON


The Creative Industries: Culture and Policy 306 FLE (ebook also available)


The Business Side of Creativity 741.6068 FOO


Art in the Making 702.8 ADA


How to be an Illustrator 741.6023 REE

Currently on display – follow the links to the library catalogue MetSearch to read more.



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what next ??????

The latest self-study display in  Howard Gardens features books that respond to the question “What next?”  What are the factors affecting your art/work/creativity etc once you graduate?  These book represent just a fraction of the books available. 

what next

Altfest , Ellen… [et al.], Diaries of a young artist  700.2/ALT   The artists’ yearbook 2010/11   702.341/ART    Barrett, Estelle & Bolt, Barbara (ed)  Practice as research: approaches to creative arts enquiry  700.72/BAR   Bellini, Andrea.  Everything you always wanted to know about gallerists but were afraid to ask  706.88/BEL   Branagan, Alison. The essential guide to business for artists and designers  700.68/BRA   Branagan, Alison.  A pocket business guide for artists and designers  700.68/BRA    Davies, Gillian. Copyright law for artists, photographers and designers   346.4104820247/DAV    Drake, Pat with Heath, Linda. Practitioner research at doctoral level: developing coherent research methodologies  378.2/DRA      Eikleberry, Carol. The Career guide for creative and unconventional people  331.702/EIK     Getting the word out: the artist’s guide to self-promotion    700.688/GET     Grant, Daniel.  Selling art without galleries: toward making a living from your art   706.8/GRA    Kelley, Tom with Littman, Jonathan.  The art of innovation: lessons in creativity from IDEO, America’s leading design firm  658.4063/KEL   Mesce, Bill Jnr. Artists on the Art of Survival: Observations on Frustration, Perspiration and Inspiration for the Young Artist  700.1/MES   Michels, Carol. How to survive and prosper as an artist: selling yourself without selling your soul 706.88/MIC    Mornement, Caroline (compiled and edited by). Second steps: a guide to careers in the craft world 702.3/MOR   O’Reilly, Daragh & Kerrigan, Finola (ed) Marketing the arts: a fresh approach 700.68/ORE   Potter, Stephen (ed) Doing postgraduate research 378.0072/POT,   Sharp, Gill & Dixon, Beryl. What can I do with … an arts degree? 331.70235/SHA     Stanfield, Alison B.  I’d rather be in the studio: the artist’s no-excuse guide to self-promotion  706/STA     Vitali, Julius. The fine artist’s guide to marketing and self-promotion  700.688/VIT    Warhurst, Caroline and Juliette McAuliffe (ed) Prizes & awards  REF 700.79/DEN     White, Brian Marshall.    Breaking into the art world: How to start making a living as an artist 700.2/WHI   Wissman, Pam (ed). 2011 artist’s & graphic designer’s market 706.88/WIS

Follow the catalogue links here to reserve these books – or use the classification numbers to find similar books on the shelves.

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