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a new perspective

Patrick Hughes: A New Perspective

march 16 b

Turner and Venice DVD. David Lynch: The Marriage of Picture and Sound audio CD. The Private Life of a Masterpiece: The Complete Series BBC DVD set.

on kawara

On Kawara — silence. By Jeffrey S Weiss


These new items are on display on the 2nd floor of Llandaff Library until Wednesday 13th April. If you would like to read more about them, or place a reservation, follow the links to the library catalogue METSEARCH

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New DVD recordings

Waterloo, London, 1960-72 (b/w photo)

Waterloo, London, 1960-72 (b/w photo), Gay, John (1909-1999)

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education


Photo you

A day at an automatic photo booth on Waterloo station

The sexual century – Parts 1 & 2

Series examining attitude changes that have allowed sex to become a dominant issue in modern Britain. 1) The Sexual Explorers: looks back at the lives of famous sex researchers – Marie Stopes, Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, and Wilhelm Reich of the Orgone Institute. 2): The Look of Love: Effects of cinema’s first fantasy images on a mass audience – notes idols Rudolph Valentino, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich

Bjørn Lomberg on environmentalism

This debate is presented by the controversial Danish author of ‘The Sceptical Environmentalist’, Bjorn Lomborg, who traces the origins and history of the green phenomenon, from the small bands of protesters sailing towards nuclear bomb tests of the 1970s, to being one of today’s most powerful worldwide movements.

Joseph Stiglitz on capitalism

Former chief economist of the World Bank and Nobel-prize winner Joseph Stiglitz explores the history of capitalism. From the writings of Adam Smith to the impact of globalisation on a fractious world, he sheds light on this baffling idea that is central to the way human beings live.

Fear and loathing : A small town in Poland, The lost race

‘A small town in Poland’ is a Storyville film, directed by Marian Marzynski, about anti-Semitism in contemporary Poland. Bransk has a large Jewish population before the Holocaust, but nearing its 500th anniversary, the authorities debate whether to acknowledge the town’ Jewish past. ‘The Lost race’ considers the consequences of the collapse of support in the 1979 General Election for the National Front. Looks at the 1989 ‘Massacre of Welling Library’ in which the British National Party (BNP) injured 16. Also examines the influence of Italian neo-fascists on modern-day supporters.

Japan in colour : the wonderful world of Albert Kahn

In 1908, the French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn launched one of the most ambitious projects in the history of photography. Kahn created what he called his Archive of the Planet. Some of the most important of Kahn’s Archive were shot during three visits to Japan. This film showcases Kahn’s pictures that were recorded at a time when this fascinating country was going through momentous changes.

Documentaries of five female photographers

 1: Lee Miller. Lee Miller led one of the most fascinating lives of the 20th century. A model for Vogue, pupil and lover of Man Ray in Paris and the only female photojournalist covering WWII, her work encompassed surrealist images and shocking reportage from Dachau. Having given up photography later, Miller’s archive of 40,000 negatives was only rediscovered after her death. 2: Annie Leibovitz. Programme presenting an intimate portrait of the American photographer who, now in her late fifties, is still universally in demand from pop stars to political leaders, rabble-rousers to royalty. 3: Linda McCartney. Programme focusing on LInda McCartney’s photographic career, which she followed for thirty years. 4: Eve Arnold. Programme examining the photographer’s life and work as well as the changing role of photography during her career. 5: Sharon Chazan. Documentary showcasing the work of photographer Sharon Chazan, who was hailed as a new star of photojournalism when she left Newport College in 1987. Her promise was never realised, because in November of that year she was murdered by a 61 year-old Polish refugee who had figured in her final-year project. The film asks whether it was her closeness to her subjects which led ultimately to her death


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New DVD recordings

Canal a Amsterdam, 1874 (oil on canvas)

Canal a Amsterdam, 1874 (oil on canvas), Claude Monet (1840 – 1926)

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education


Art that shook the world

Part 1 ‘Impression: Sunrise’: Claude Monet shocked the world with a new way of seeing in 1874. Graham-Dixon reflects on the birth of Impressionism in the late 19th century – a style of painting that rejected the rigid formality of the Salon school for a more indistinct, sensual approach, and set the course for the eventual emergence of Cubism and Expressionism and the pure abstraction of Rothko, Pollack and de Kooning.

Part 2 James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’: Tom Paulin examines ‘Ulysses’, with its ‘stream of consciousness’ style that revolutionised the modern novel.

Designer of the year

Charlie Luxton reviews the work of four nominees for the Design Museum’s £25,000 prize. Featuring Jonathan Ive’s iMac and iPod, Solange Azagury-Patridge’s diamond jewellery, the computer game Vice City, and Tord Boontje’s crystal and aluminium chandeliers.

High performance

  1. Multicultural music festival, Cardiff Museum
  2. David Nash, Wrexham Arts Centre
  3. Green and Black: Yew hedges, Powys castle
  4. Sons and lovers / Snap Theatre
  5. Earthfall, Chapter
  6. Stimulata, Howard Gardens Gallery.

The Learning Zone : The making of Eve Arnold

The photographer reveals how a chance gift started her career


Art historian Tim Marlow looks at some of the Western world’s most famous artists. A look at visionary, and sometimes provocative, work of Spanish painter Francisco Goya. In his early career Goya worked as a court painter in Madrid. After a prolonged illness which affected his hearing, Goya’s painting style changed, becoming much darker. He developed a talent for caricature and a fascination for the fine line between sanity and madness. This documentary considers his life and career and examines paintings such as: ‘The Disasters of War’ and his portrait of the Bourbon family.

Robert Frank

Focuses on the life and career of pioneering photographer, Robert Frank, exploring his photography and filmmaking. The films discussed include ‘Pull My Daisy’, narrated by Jack Kerouac and a legendary – but never released – film about The Rolling Stones, documenting their infamous 1972 tour across the USA. The South Bank Show presents a first ever documentary about the legendary but reclusive photographer and filmmaker whose work reflects his life in an unflinchingly honest way. Shot in New York and Nova Scotia where he now lives, it interweaves between Frank aged 80, reflecting on a lifetime of image making including his seminal work The Americans and the richly textured photographs and personal films themselves. The film also explores his relationship with his wife, the artist June Leaf, the tragedy of losing both his children and working with The Rolling Stones.

Kurt and Courtney

Investigates the circumstances in which grunge rock star Kurt Cobain died in 1994, looking at the conspiracy theories surrounding his death and delving into the drug culture of the West Coast rock scene. Concludes with a confrontation between the director and Cobain’s widow, Hole singer Courtney Love

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New DVD recordings

Part of a banquet scene from thetomb of Nebamun

Part of a banquet scene from the Tomb of Nebamun

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education

Eureka!  : History through Art . – Prog 1 – 6

Prog. 1. The Tomb of Nebamun, Prog. 2. Paintings on Pots, Prog. 3. Pictures from Pompeii, Prog. 4. The Bayeux Tapestry, Prog. 5. Sir Henry Unton, Prog 6. The Railway Station.

The Turner Prize 1996

Shortlisted artists Douglas Gordon, Simon Patterson, Craigie Horsfield and Gary Hume talk about their work. Critical analysis is provided by Jarvis Cocker, Christopher Frayling and Elizabeth MacGregor

The 1999 Turner Prize

Live coverage from the Tate Gallery, London, of the awards ceremony, with profiles of the shortlisted artists Tracey Emin, Steve McQueen (the winner), Steven Pippin and Jane and Louise Wilson

The Michelangelo code : secrets of the Sistine Chapel

Art Critic Waldemar Januszczak presents the findings of his 20 year study of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome and reveals the hidden meaning behind the most famous work of art in the world. His shocking discoveries come from unprecedented access to the Vatican, taking him as far afield as Texas and Jerusalem, as well as all over Italy

The private life of a Masterpiece : Little Dancer Aged Fourteen

An in-depth study of great works of art looks at Degas’s sculpture of a dancer, which caused much controversy when first exhibited. It reveals the poignant life of the sculpture’s model and how Degas broke every rule in the creation of his masterpiece

Great artists 2 with Tim Marlow [videorecording] : Rodin

Sculptor Auguste Rodin, one of the founders of modern art, is the subject of this programme. Born in Paris in 1840, two of his works – The Kiss and The Thinker – went on to become two of the most famous of all time.

The Turner Prize 2002

Coverage from the Tate Britain gallery in London of the presentation of the prestigious award for contemporary artists. Included are a tour of the exhibition and profiles of the four short-listed artists, Catherine Yass, Fiona Banner, Keith Tyson and Liam Gillick. Experts and critics provide analysis

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New DVDs

The fifth element






The fifth element


Rebecca Horn is travelling

Series celebrating the opening of the Tate Modern gallery. This film examines the work of German artist Rebecca Horn. When she held an exhibition at the Tate in 1994 the doors had to be closed because it was so popular. Now Tate Modern has dedicated two rooms to her work. With contributions from John Baldessari, Iannis Kounellis and Nicholas Serota

Millennium Centre : opening

Jamie Owen and Josie D’Arby present more live coverage from the opening night of the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Featuring interviews, some of the stage highlights and all the excitement from one of the biggest events in Welsh arts and entertainment.

Eve Arnold in retrospect

Documentary following photographer Eve Arnold as she prepares for a retrospective exhibition, with the stories behind some of her best-known images: Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, Margaret Thatcher, Malcolm X.

Decisive moments : the photographs that made history

Series telling the stories behind some of the world’s most famous photographs.

Tell me the truth about love

Looks at the theme of love in the life of poet W H Auden, centring on new interviews with his close friends. Examines how his most important relationships were reflected in his poems



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New DVDs on Architecture

This is a selection of new DVDs now on display. They cover diverse subjects within architecture including the tallest buildings in Saudia Arabia and the birth of the skyscraper, the rebuilding of the Reichstag, religious architecture, and the evolution of British architecture. They reflect the breadth of information available on this subject in the library.

Plan and Section of the Roof of King's College Chapel, Cambridge, from 'The History of Cambridge', engraved by J. Bluck (fl.1791-1831), pub. by R. Ackermann, 1815 (colour aquatint)

Plan and Section of the Roof of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, from ‘The History of Cambridge’, engraved by J. Bluck (fl.1791-1831), pub. by R. Ackermann, 1815 (colour aquatint) – Mackenzie, Frederick (1788 – 1854).

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education


The world turned upside down

Part of a series presented by Dr. Paul Binski which examines Britain’s religious art. In this programme he contrasts the lavish chapel at King’s College Cambridge with much simpler post-Reformation churches in Little Gidding and Leighton

Building sights

Series in which artists, musicians and architects share their appreciation of buildings and architecture

Temples of Suburbia

Part of a series in which art historian Dr Paul Binski examines some of Britain’s most fascinating works of religious art. In this programme he visits Leicester and north London to see some spectacular examples of Hindu and Jain art

Documentary series exploring the architecture of the 20th century and revealing the making of the modern world.

Part 1 The Dream. At the start of the 20th Century, a group of architects believed they could solve the world’s problems with a bright new architecture; poverty, ignorance and disease would be eradicated, buildings would touch the heavens, light and fresh air would bring happiness and efficiency. They thought progress and invention would make the world a better place, but alas, Hitler had other plans.

Part 2 Rebuilding Britain. This programme traces the evolution of architectural style in Britain from the 1920s to the Swinging Sixties and beyond.

Part 3 Back to the Future. At the start of the 20th century the modernists proclaimed that history was dead and they would re-invent the world so that science, technology and progress decided the future. But the modernists owed more to history than they would admit. Dan Cruickshank travels from 2700BC to 1900AD, from ancient Egypt to a country house in the Lake District, to find the future in the past.

Part 4 The Final Frontier. In the early 20th century, modernism set out to change the world; now it is on a mission to save it

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New DVD recordings

Study for Portrait, 1978

Study for Portrait, 1978 – Francis Bacon (1909-1992)

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education

Arthouse  : the other Francis Bacon

Barry Joule’s collection of some 500 preparatory drawings and paintings said to be by Francis Bacon – considers the authenticity of the archive and why Bacon would have wished to deceive the public

The South Bank Show  : Cosmic garden

Melvyn Bragg talks to celebrated architectural critic and designer Charles Jencks in the stunning 30-acre Garden of Cosmic Speculation at Portrack House, Dumfries. The garden, which he designed and created with his late wife Maggie Keswick, is a series of metaphors exploring the origins, destiny and substance of the universe. Jencks reveals how it represents the nature of matter, the foundations of life and the history of creation

The Culture Show : arts and crafts at the V&A

Mark Kermode presents the arts and culture magazine, featuring a rare interview with legendary 1960’s alternative cartoonist Robert Crumb at his house in France, a look at the legacy of the Arts and Crafts movement on the eve of a major exhibition at London’s V&A, and a report from Brixton prison as inmates rehearse a production of Othello

The dog who was a cat inside : No experience necessary : Eating for two: Mervyn

Four craft based animated films, developed through channel 4’s ‘ Animation in Residence’ scheme.

Arthouse  : In search of the Amber Room

Anthony H. Wilson attempts to find the remains of the Amber Room of the Russian Tsar’s Winter Palace near St Petersburg. It consisted of a series of hand-crafted amber panels stolen by the Nazis and installed in Kongsberg in Germany, but hidden in 1945 and never seen again

Living with Modernism – Parts 1-6

Simon Davies presents a series of 6 programmes looking at Modernist homes in the UK and the people who live in them. Pt. 1.the Hertfordshire home of architect George Marsh. Pt. 2. The Firs in Hampstead designed in the late 1950s by Patrick Gwynne. Pt. 3. Brackenfell in Cumbria, designed by Sir Leslie Martin and his wife Sadie Speight. Pt. 4.  One of Scotland’s finest modernist houses , is revisited by the architects Bob Steedman.Pt. 5. Stillness, the Bromley home of designer David Callcott.Pt.6. Capel Manor in Kent  a classic steel and glass Miesian pavilion from the late sixties.

Monet’s garden  – Parts 1-5

A series of five short films in which contemporary artists find inspiration in the gardens at Giverny, northern France, where Monet spent his final years. Featuring Paul Riley, Vivian Russell, Jean-Marie Toulgouat, Kaffe Fassett and Takashi Sawano

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New DVD recordings

These recordings are currently on the DVD display in Howard Gardens library.

View of the painting 'Guernica' by Pablo Picasso in his studio, rue des Grands-Augustins, Paris, December 1937 (b/w photo)

View of the painting ‘Guernica’ by Pablo Picasso in his studio, rue des Grands-Augustins, Paris, December 1937 (b/w photo) – Maar, Dora (1907-1997)

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education

Modern art : practices and debates – Programme 16 : Picasso’s ‘Guernica’

Painted in protest at the bombing of a town during the Spanish Civil War, what meaning can Picasso’s masterpiece have for today?

Modern art : practices and debates – Programme 22 : Flag

Exploring the meanings behind Jasper John’s famous image of the stars and stripes

Modern art : practices and debates – Programme 5 : Berthe Morisot – an interview with Kathleen Adler

Understanding the restrictions placed on women in 19th-century society gives an insight into Berthe Morisot’s art

Peter Greenaway

A profile of controversial artist and film-maker Peter Greenaway

Divine designs : New money

Paul Binski presents the series examining some of Britain’s most fascinating works of religious art and artefacts. He visits Stanmore in North London and Great Witley, Worcestershire, to view two of the most extravagant Baroque churches in the country.

The Turner Prize 1997

Coverage of the arts awards ceremony at the Tate Gallery London presented by Matthew Collings. Shortlisted artists are Christine Borland, Angela Bulloch, Cornelia Parker and video artist Gillian Wearing.The Turner Prize Discussion: Is Painting Dead? Chaired by Waldemar Januszczak and Karen Wright with contributions from Ruger Scruton, Norman Rosenthal and Tracey Emin who debate whether painting is dead. Writing about art. Four short daily programmes with winning entries from a competition in which entrants were asked to write about any piece of work shortlisted for the Turner Prize.

Shoot out in Swansea : the making of Twin Town

Documentary exploring the process of making ‘Twin Town’, Kevin Allen’s dark comedy thriller set in Swansea


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New DVDs


City of God


Taxi driver




Blade runner  : The final cut


Dark days




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New DVD recordings

The Immaculate Conception (detail of flowers) 1607-13 (oil on canvas) (see 90015)

The Immaculate Conception (detail of flowers) 1607-13 (oil on canvas) – Grego, El (1541-1614)

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education


Hanging El Greco

Documentary following staff at London’s National Gallery as they prepare for the UK’s first major exhibition of works by the 16th-century painter El Greco curated by Xavier Bray

Grey Suit : video for art & literature – Spring 1995

Video for art and literature;The title role / Anne Seagrave;Repast / Joseph Simas with Elodie Picquet;Museum pieces II / Anne Griffin;Vivarium / Mahalya Middlemist and Sue-Ellen Kohler;Poems / Peter Didsbury / Nylon / Lorraine Butler;The pink / Rosalind Finch;Gridlock / Andre Stitt;Fetishism / Alastair Peebles;The hair or the man / Oladele Bamgboye;I will survive / Sean Roe;Berlin west / Stuart Sherman;Contemplating a pencil / Lorraine Butler;Immoral sonnets / Anthony Howell;Suspension (bridge) / Luke McKeown;Head pieces “Revenge” / Annie Griffin;Mbira songs / Stella Chiweshe.


First part of a three-part series revealing the unofficial history of the modern British art movement. This edition looks at the emergence of Damien Hirst during the late 1980s

Breaking through  : Painters, James Reilly and Catrin Webste

Series celebrating young Welsh artists and performers. This programme focuses on painters James Reilly and Catrin Webster

Pilot of the future  : the work of sci-fi artist Jim Burns

Born in 1948, the illustrator Jim Burns has produced illustrated book covers for the giants of the science fiction genre; Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Silverberg and Peter Hamilton, realising the imagined future worlds of sci-fi literature in paint and pixel

Hanging El Greco

Documentary following staff at London’s National Gallery as they prepare for the UK’s first major exhibition of works by the 16th-century painter El Greco curated by Xavier Bray

Grey Suit  : video for art & literature -Winter 1995

Video for art and literature; Crime issue -Open closing door / Impossible Theatre; Let’s go shopping / Kerry-Lee Powell; Finger burger / Paul Granjon; Meat / Ian Williams; Speed zombie / Kim Hjorthox, Karl Ramberg and Per Teljer; Homage to Russell / Anthony Howell.

Forest of Dean sculpture trail

Contemporary outdoor sculpture trail. Hear from the artists themselves about the ideas that shaped their works. Created through a partnership between the Forestry Commission and Arnolfini, Bristol.

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