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Paper … cut … fold … slash … bind

We are looking forward to MAKERS visiting us in Howard Gardens next week to look at our Artists’ Books collection.


These books – all featuring book making and paper manipulation –  are on display ready for next weeks ‘Library Matters – Makers’ events  in the library. They can’t be borrowed yet – but you may like to follow the links to the Library Catalogue to reserve a copy.

Movable Books: an illustrated history

Form: book & promotion, edited by Wang Shaoqiang

500 handmade books: inspiring interpretations of a timeless form

Books Unbound by Michael Jacobs

The Penland book of handmade books edited by Jane LaFerla

Non-adhesive binding by Keith A. Smith

Handmade bookbinding techniques: decorative techniques by Josep Cambras

Book & Art: Handcrafting Artists’ Books by Dorothy Simpson Krause

Book-art: innovation in book design by Charlotte Rivers

Slash: paper under the knife edited by Martina D’Alton

The first cut: paper at the cutting edge, curated by Fiona Corridan and Natasha Howes

Choosing and using paper for great graphic design by Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire

Folding techniques for designers: from sheet to form by Paul Jackson

Structure of the visual book by  Keith A. Smith

Folding patterns for display & publicity and How to Fold by Lawrence K Withers

Paper cutouts by  Helene Leroux-Hugon and Juliette Vicart

Paper: tear fold rip crease cut 


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MAKERS . . . . . .

Of interest to all Makers, Designers, Product Design students and more . . . . . . . .

The Journal of Modern Craft is the first peer-reviewed academic journal to provide an interdisciplinary and international forum in its subject area. It addresses all forms of making that self-consciously set themselves apart from mass production—whether in the making of designed objects, artworks, buildings, or other artefacts. 
The journal covers craft in all its historical and contemporary manifestations. It starts in the mid-nineteenth-century, when handwork was first consciously framed in opposition to industrialization, through to the present time, when ideas once confined to the ‘applied arts’ have come to seem vital across a huge range of cultural activities. Special emphasis is placed on studio practice, and on the transformations of indigenous forms of craft activity throughout the world. The journal also reviews and analyses the relevance of craft within new media, folk art, architecture, design, contemporary art, and other fields.

The Journal of Modern Craft is the main scholarly voice on the subject of craft, conceived both as an idea and as a field of practice in its own right.

The printed issues of this journal are available in Howard Gardens Library – or follow this link for the e-journals A-Z page with Cardiff Met.  Search for the title and follow the link which will take you to the electronic issues from 2008 to 2012.

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