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The Suffragette

February 6th – one hundred years on from the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which granted some women the right to vote.'The Suffragette', 1912 (colour litho)

‘The Suffragette’, 1912 (colour litho), English School, (20th century) / Museum of London, UK / Bridgeman Images. A poster promoting the newspaper of the Women’s Social and Political Union; Joan of Arc was seen as the patron saint of the suffragettes.

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Guy Fawkes: searching for images


Children carrying a 'Guy Fawkes' on Bonfire Night (sepia photo)

Sepia photograph of children carrying a ‘Guy Fawkes’ on bonfire night courtesy of Bridgeman Education

Just as with icebergs, the bulk of resources available through our library are largely out of direct view. The books and journals that you see on the shelves are simply the tip of the iceberg.  Electronic books, journals and vast databases can be accessed through the library pages on the staff and student portals.  Follow the quick link to the electronic library. Here you can search the catalogue for books, databases, journals and so on, and also for images.

summon screen grab

One such search for Guy Fawkes resulted in links to Bridgeman Education and the images on this page. Just make sure you are logged in on your computer as a student or staff member of Cardiff Met to access this wonderful resource.

Guy Fawkes Night

‘Guy Fawkes Night’ gauche on paper. Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education


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Eye-popping virtual collections now online


 Open Culture image

Here is a great post from the Open Culture blog written by Ilia Blinderman on 22nd January 2014. Read his post, follow the links and feast your eyes:

“Yesterday, we wrote about the Wellcome Library’s opening up of its digital archives and making over 100,000 medical images freely available online. If you’ve already made your way through this choice selection (or if the prospect of viewing a 19th century leg amputation doesn’t quite pique your curiosity) have no fear. Getty Publications just announced the launch of its Virtual Library, where readers can freely browse and download over 250 art books from the publisher’s backlist catalogue.

The Virtual Library consists of texts associated with several Getty institutions. Readers can view extensively researched exhibition catalogues from the J. Paul Getty Museum, including Paul Cézanne’s late-life watercolours, when the painter raised the still life to a high art (Cézanne in the Studio: Still Life in Watercolors, 2004), as well as the woefully underappreciated Flemish illustrations of the 15th and 16th centuries (Illuminating the Renaissance: The Triumph of Flemish Manuscript, 2003).  The collection also contains detailed treatises on art conservation from the Getty Conservation Institute, and scholarly works from the Getty Research Institute, both of which include a multitude of books on specialized topics. Fancy reading about the relationship between Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel the Elder, the two legendary 17th century painters who lived in the Netherlands’ city of Antwerp? There’s a book on that. Intrigued by all the prostitutes in French impressionism? Try Painted Love: Prostitution in French Art of the Impressionist Era (2003). Perhaps you’re partial to ancient vases, and have already read The Colors of Clay (2006), Pots & Plays (2007), and Greek Vases (1983)? Don’t worry, the Getty’s virtual library has at least 8 more vase-oriented books.

All of the Getty’s virtual library volumes are available in PDF format, and can be added to your Google Books library. If you’re looking for more free art books, don’t miss our post from last year: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Offer 474 Free Art Books Online.

Ilia Blinderman is a Montreal-based culture and science writer. Follow him at @iliablinderman.

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Cardiff Met Libraries for life, not just your degree!

Cosmic Joy!, 2009 (oil on canvas)

Image: Cosmic Joy, Izabella de Godlewska de Aranda, 2009. Courtesy of  Bridgeman Education.

Are you a final year student wondering how you will cope without the amazing, horizon expanding, eye popping joys that the library has brought to you over the past few years? Well fear no more a new folder entitled Library Matters has been added to the Real World Careers area on Blackboard containing information for final year students such as how you can get free membership to Cardiff Met libraries and access to our wonderful print collections and many of the electronic resources after graduation.
The Library Matters folder also contains information about a free 12 month subscription to Artists Newsletter, a-n, that as a final year student you can access now.
a-n (known as Artists Newsletter) is a vast collection of information about being an artist and used to be published as a monthly paper magazine and various specialist books of advice and information for professional artists and makers. Since going completely digital they have digitised all their advice previously published as guides and books and journal articles and added to this mix material published using social media. A-N offers full text access to a-n published titles including a-n Collections, Research papers and Good Practice publications. Plus a searchable online archive for a-n Magazine. Plus Knowledge Bank – a career development resource and other professional development tools such as ‘The Artists Professional Development Toolkit’, ‘The Artists Fees toolkit’, ‘The Artists Contracts toolkit’ as well as many more practical guides and new video guides.

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Art Source and AP Images on trial – check them out!

For one month only, Cardiff Met Libraries are trialling two new electronic resources for all Cardiff Met students and staff.  We introduce you to…  Art Source and API Images

Art Source

This is a huge arts-focussed journal article database and an upgrade from the already excellent Art Full Text. From Art Source, you can read whole articles from over 300 Art & Design titles, including 70 full text journals that already exist in Art Full Text. 

New journal titles in Art Source include:

  • Artifact
  • Camerawork
  • Craft
  • Arts International
  • Critical Studies in fashion and Beauty
  • GreenSource
  • Poster
  • Studies in Comics
  • Rhizomes
  • Typo 

AP Images

To explore a range of high quality photographs from across the globe, check out Associated Press Images (API).  Here you can find a huge range of contemporary and archival news photographs of important events and people.  You can find good examples of indigenous costumes and traditions, photographs of art installations & galleries around the world.  And there are plenty of photographs for those still reminiscing about the fantastic Welsh Six Nations rugby victory in February. 

The trial for both Art Source and AP Images end on 31st May.  So have a browse and let us know what you think on the feedback form.

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St David’s Day


Three Daffodils. Photogram by Angela Easterling

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education 

Bridgeman Education is a complete visual resource offering over 410,000 images sourced directly from museums, galleries, private collections and contemporary artists all copyright cleared for educational use.  Cardiff Met users can browse our unique archive and access images in teaching, learning, study and research.

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Free downloads from the National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery has released over 53,000 low-resolution images free for non comercial use and over 87,000 high-resolution images for academic use via a website facility. This resource has been added to our Database A to Z  and you can also visit the National Portrait Gallery site:

The use of these images is restricted by the Creative Commons Licence so please check how each image can be used by clicking on ‘Use this image’ before downloading.

Henry Moore by Henry Moore 

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