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Documents of Contemporary Art Self-study Display

Documents of Contemporary Art Self-study Display

Documents of Contemporary Art Self-study display, Llandaff Library.

A new Self-study display comes to the top floor of Llandaff Library: Documents of Contemporary Art from Whitechapel Gallery is an acclaimed series of anthologies documenting major themes and ideas in contemporary art.

The books will be on display until Monday 9th November and records for them can be found on the Library Catalogue.

“In recent decades artists have progressively expanded the boundaries of art as they have sought to engage with an increasingly pluralistic environment. Teaching, curating and understanding of art and visual culture are likewise no longer grounded in traditional aesthetics but centred on significant ideas, topics and themes ranging from the everyday to the uncanny, the psychoanalytical to the political.

The Documents of Contemporary Art series emerges from this context. Each volume focuses on a specific subject or body of writing that has been of key influence in contemporary art internationally. Edited and introduced by a scholar, artist, critic or curator, each of these source books provides access to a plurality of voices and perspectives defining a significant theme or tendency.” Text taken from inside cover.


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New Book Display – The Individual Artist

The new books on display at Howard Gardens profile individual artist practise.  This collection of new and exciting publications supply both textual and visual explorations of the artists’ work.

The artists include Ana Mendieta, Mike Kelly, Francesca Woodman, Grayson Perry, James Turrel and Sarah Morris.


Katsuhiro Yamaguchi : Imaginarium, 11 September-26 October 2013

Tony Cragg / a cura di = edited by Guido Comis, Marco Francioli

Sarah Morris, bye bye Brazil

Thomas Ruff : works 1979-2011

The vanity of small differences / Grayson Perry



Tracks : walking the ancient landscapes of britain / by Philip Hughes

Robert Motherwell : early collages

Kelley, Mike, 1954-2012

Ana Mendieta, traces


image003 Chamberlain, John, 1927-2011 . – New sculpture

Roman Ondák

Lun Tuchnowski : shifting identities, 11 July-30 August 2013

James Turrell 

The skater / Wendy McMurdo


image004 Anselm Kiefer : il mistero delle cattedrali

Tomak  – Introspective

Robert Smithson – art in continual movement : a contemporary reading : model

Winifred Nicholson : music of colour

Sturtevant, Elaine . – Finite infinite


image005 Warrell, Ian . – Turner’s secret sketches

Moon, Sarah

Gerhard Richter : Atlas : the reader

Double take : portraits from the Keith Medley archive

Francesca Woodman : the Roman years between flesh and films




















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Self Study Display – Our World Now

This months self study display focuses on the scope of books available on international art held within the library collection. They  reflect the diversity and  richness of art throughout the globe. Examining contemporary practice, history and cultural art forms from countries including New Zealand, Mexico, Japan and Turkey, South Africa, and Korea. These are just a few of the many books and DVDs held that can be borrowed on this subject from  the library.

Mr. Mkhize’s Portrait [DVD recording]

American visions [DVD recording]





Our world now 5

Arabic graffiti

Exploring North Korean arts

Before and after superflat : a short history of Japanese contemporary art





The Maiwa Foundation

Turk plastik sanatlari = Turkish plastic arts

The best under heaven : The Celadons of Korea





Made in L.A. 2012

Resisting the present : Mexico 2000-2012 

Siah Armajani : an ingenious world

World affairs in foreign films : getting the global picture





Asian jewellery

Unnerved : the New Zealand project

A pocket history of 20th century Chinese art

The fate of rural hell : asceticism and desire in Buddhist Thailand










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Collage and Photomontage on the Self Study Display

Collage and Photomontage has been choosen as the subject for the Self Study Display this month. The selected books reflect the historical, political and subversive use of this medium. Artists covered include Hannah Hoch, John Heartfield, and Ellen Gallagher.


Hannah Hoch

Malicious damage


Magical meteorite songwriting device

Collage : Assembling contemporary art

Coral cities


Martha Rosler : positions in the life world

John Heartfield

Images for the end of the century  : photomontage equations

Collage, assemblage, and the found object

Raoul Hausmann

Picture book : Hannah Hoch

Create and be recognized : photography on the edge

Collage : the unmonumental picture

Manifesto collage

Mestres del collage : de Picasso a Rauschenberg

Charlotte Hodes : silhouettes and filigree

Narrative deficiencies throughout : Tony Swain

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Spirituality and Art – Self Study Display

The current self-study display explores notions of spirituality, shamanism, and ritual within art. The selected books a just a taste of the expansive range of literature on this subject available in the library. The areas covered include Icons, African and Asian shrines, Blasphemy, Islamic art and shamanism. A small selection of contemporary artist are highlighted reflecting the diversity of response to this subject

Journey to the lower world

Journey to the lower world: a shamanic performance by Marcus Coates after a traditional Siberian Yakut ritual for the residents of Sheil Park, Liverpool, in January 2003.

The list of other books on the self study display can be seen below.


Shaker : life, work, and art

Sacred Tibet

Beyond belief : modern art and the religious imagination

Medium religion : faith, geopolitics, art

Blasphemy : art that offends

On the strange place of religion in contemporary art

 Pathway icons : the wayside art of India

Exploring the invisible : art, science, and the spiritual

Creative spirituality : the way of the artist

Zen and the art of pottery

Concerning the spiritual in art

Technicians of ecstasy : Shamanism and the modern artist

The return of religion and other myths : a critical reader in contemporary art

Islamic art and spirituality

Brick Testament : The Ten Commandments

Eretica : the transcendent and the profane in contemporary art

Face of the Gods  : art and altars of Africa and the African Americas

Felt : Fluxus, Joseph Beuys, and the Dalai Lama

Reasons for knocking at an empty house : writings 1973-1994

Ana Mendieta

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The books on the current self-study display in Howard Gardens library all feature maps in various guises. They are on display until Wednesday 27th November, after which time they can be borrowed – or you may wish to use the library catalogue to reserve a copy.

Map of the world, from a manuscript of a Commentary on the Apocalypse, written c.787 and copied c.1109 in the Monastery of Silos, Burgos, Spain (litho)

Map of the world, from a manuscript of a Commentary on the Apocalypse, written c.787 and copied c.1109 in the Monastery of Silos, Burgos, Spain (litho)

The image is from Bridgeman Education which is a complete visual resource offering over 530,000 digital images of art, history and culture from global museums, galleries, private collections and contemporary artists all copyright cleared for educational use.

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There’s just one more day left to see the Self-Study Display in Howard Gardens Library which features many different aspects of Berlin.  There is a selection of books, journals and DVDs on topics such architecture, art, culture, history, politics, modernism & museums. These can be seen on display until 15th February when they will be available to borrow.   Here’s the list of titles – just follow the link to take you to the library catalogue – where the books and DVDs can be reserved.


5X Berlin by Cyan, ATAK, Anschlaege et.al..          Berlin: A Guide to Recent Architecture by Duane Phillips    Berlin Art Now by Mark Gisbourne; photographs by Jim Rakete           Berlin in the Twenties: Art and Culture, 1918-1933  by Rainer Metzger     Berlin Modernism by Alfred Englert           Berlin: The Politics of Order, 1737-1989          Jewish Museum: Berlin by Daniel Libeskind     Making of Alex: Berlin Alexanderplatz. Urban Art Stories     Olaf Metzel, Gerd Rohling, Ina Barfuss, Thomas Wachweger: Berlin       Rainer Fetting, Berlin            The New Berlin: Memory, Politics, Place by Karen E. Till        Urban Art Photography by Jurgen Grosse        The Berlin Secession: Modernism and its Enemies in Imperial Germany                                                      DVDs:  Berlin Alexanderplatz. Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder   Olympic Architecture: After the Circus Leaves Town    

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