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Luscious Lights and Decorated Domes – Frame magazine

Frame cover


The May/June edition of Frame magazine is an opulent, tactile affair. Frame shows us the potential of what it calls “the great indoors” showcasing contemporary interior design from around the globe. The magazine focuses on photos and drawings with the the story behind each design being written in easy-to-understand, down-to-earth English.  The current edition shows us (amongst other things) two very different but equally submersive interiors in the works of Liz West and Elise Morin.


Lighten Up


Liz West’s light art installation Your Colour Perception in the Castlefield Gallery’s New Art Spaces Federation House in Manchester, saturates the space with artificial chromatic light. The artist says she is interested in “creating illusions and in making people question what they are really looking at.”


Play it again, Elise


Paris-based artist Elise Morin has conjured a multimedia event out of piles of old CDs and inflatable domes. The installation, Waste Landscape #4, turns an old swimming pool turned cultural centre in Slovakia into a scaly landscape. Each installation is a “social event”. For this work volunteers from the local jail helped attach the 180,000 CDs to the inflatable domes by hand. Lighting design and a specially made soundscape accompanied the structures.


mapllandaffFollow the blue signs for journals through the learning centre:

Zone 3, Floor 2: A- H

Zone 3, Floor 3: I- Z and archive



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From Painting to Performance – Eclectic Artists in New Frieze Journal

April sees a new edition of the well known Frieze magazine arrive into Llandaff library. Frieze was set up in 1991 and is one of the leading magazines of contemporary art and culture. Frieze includes essays, reviews and columns by some of today’s most forward-thinking writers, artists and curators.



April’s edition features 41 reviews from 28 cities. Amongst these is an article by Jennifer Higgie on the bewildered mystics, mournful minstrels and mysterious rituals of Ryan Mosley’s paintings. There is also a review by Lucy O’Brien on the experience of seeing  musician PJ Harvey record her album in a vitrine at Somerset House in London during Recording in Progress.


Ryan Mosley




Ryan Mosley, Dance of the Nobleman, 2010–11, oil on canvas, 2.1 × 1.8 m.

PJ Harvey photographed by Seamus Murphy, 2014.


Follow the blue signs for journals through the learning centre:

Zone 3, Floor 2: A- H

Zone 3, Floor 3: I- Z and archivemapllandaff

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collage workshop AB





We had a great workshop in the Special Collections room in Llandaff Library this morning!  Ten students from the Field module: Collage along with James Green came to see a range of artists’ books.  We also gathered some books from the main collection on the subject of collage and about artists using this medium.

Here are just a few . . . .

Hannah Hoch : 1889-1978 collages

Eduardo Paolozzi: sculpture, drawings, collages and graphics

Karl Blossfeldt: working collages

Paper Spirits: collage portraits by Vladimir Sulyagin

Suspects, smokers, soldiers and salesladies

Geest van papier = Spirit of paper

Richard Meier: collages

Collage, assemblage, and the found object

Cut & paste: 21st-century collage













Collage Techniques: a guide for artists and illustrators

Robert Motherwell: early collages

Max Ernst: collages: the invention of the surrealist universe

Manifesto Collage

About collage: Peter Blake

Collage: the making of modern art

Kurt Schwitters: color and collage


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New books

These are on display until Wednesday 21st  for you to browse, enjoy and reserve if you wish. Follow the links to the catalogue to see more information about each item.

Textiles . . . . .








 Fashion Illustration School                     Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer & Shine


Printmaking . . . .









Hockney Printmaker                            Edvard Munch: A Genious of Printmaking

and also . . . . .


Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye


jan blog

Publics and Counterpublics

The Art & Craft of Richard Woods

The Politics of Aesthetics

Troika®, 63-83

How Architecture Works: A Humanist’s Toolkit

Christopher Wood

Art Inc: The Essential Guide for Building your Career as an Artist

Marking Language

The Global Art Compass

Canan Tolon, sidesteps

100 Works of art that will define our age

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Mothers of Africa

A display of image rich library resources can still be seen on the second floor of Zone 3 in the Library at Llandaff.






Whilst they have been assembled to support the Textiles Mothers of Africa project, these could be of interest to all students, and will be displayed until Friday 12th December.


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Visit the 2nd floor of zone 3 (the journals area) in the library to see the current display of materials selected on the topic of the Level 4 Constellation assignment ‘Controversy’. They will be there until Friday 14th November.






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New DVD recordings

Waterloo, London, 1960-72 (b/w photo)

Waterloo, London, 1960-72 (b/w photo), Gay, John (1909-1999)

Image courtesy of Bridgeman Education


Photo you

A day at an automatic photo booth on Waterloo station

The sexual century – Parts 1 & 2

Series examining attitude changes that have allowed sex to become a dominant issue in modern Britain. 1) The Sexual Explorers: looks back at the lives of famous sex researchers – Marie Stopes, Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, and Wilhelm Reich of the Orgone Institute. 2): The Look of Love: Effects of cinema’s first fantasy images on a mass audience – notes idols Rudolph Valentino, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich

Bjørn Lomberg on environmentalism

This debate is presented by the controversial Danish author of ‘The Sceptical Environmentalist’, Bjorn Lomborg, who traces the origins and history of the green phenomenon, from the small bands of protesters sailing towards nuclear bomb tests of the 1970s, to being one of today’s most powerful worldwide movements.

Joseph Stiglitz on capitalism

Former chief economist of the World Bank and Nobel-prize winner Joseph Stiglitz explores the history of capitalism. From the writings of Adam Smith to the impact of globalisation on a fractious world, he sheds light on this baffling idea that is central to the way human beings live.

Fear and loathing : A small town in Poland, The lost race

‘A small town in Poland’ is a Storyville film, directed by Marian Marzynski, about anti-Semitism in contemporary Poland. Bransk has a large Jewish population before the Holocaust, but nearing its 500th anniversary, the authorities debate whether to acknowledge the town’ Jewish past. ‘The Lost race’ considers the consequences of the collapse of support in the 1979 General Election for the National Front. Looks at the 1989 ‘Massacre of Welling Library’ in which the British National Party (BNP) injured 16. Also examines the influence of Italian neo-fascists on modern-day supporters.

Japan in colour : the wonderful world of Albert Kahn

In 1908, the French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn launched one of the most ambitious projects in the history of photography. Kahn created what he called his Archive of the Planet. Some of the most important of Kahn’s Archive were shot during three visits to Japan. This film showcases Kahn’s pictures that were recorded at a time when this fascinating country was going through momentous changes.

Documentaries of five female photographers

 1: Lee Miller. Lee Miller led one of the most fascinating lives of the 20th century. A model for Vogue, pupil and lover of Man Ray in Paris and the only female photojournalist covering WWII, her work encompassed surrealist images and shocking reportage from Dachau. Having given up photography later, Miller’s archive of 40,000 negatives was only rediscovered after her death. 2: Annie Leibovitz. Programme presenting an intimate portrait of the American photographer who, now in her late fifties, is still universally in demand from pop stars to political leaders, rabble-rousers to royalty. 3: Linda McCartney. Programme focusing on LInda McCartney’s photographic career, which she followed for thirty years. 4: Eve Arnold. Programme examining the photographer’s life and work as well as the changing role of photography during her career. 5: Sharon Chazan. Documentary showcasing the work of photographer Sharon Chazan, who was hailed as a new star of photojournalism when she left Newport College in 1987. Her promise was never realised, because in November of that year she was murdered by a 61 year-old Polish refugee who had figured in her final-year project. The film asks whether it was her closeness to her subjects which led ultimately to her death


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